The Casual Smart is the platform I, Erin Sidhu, use for my opinions on the professional wrestling industry. I’ve grown up a huge fan of the industry, and I now plan on sharing my opinions and knowledge with my fellow fans.

The name for my website, the Casual Smart, comes from the type of fan I think I am. While I see my self as a smart or “smark” type of fan, I’d like to believe I enjoy the different products as a casual or “mark” type fan.

As I start this adventure, I’ll be focusing on WWE, but don’t worry, my plan is to move on to New Japan as my next covered promotion. I think the wrestling over there is too great to not analyze.

Feel Free to read over archived blogs, and leave comments. I’d love to hear what my readers are thinking.

A little more about myself:

Favorite all time wrestler: Chris Jericho/Edge

Favorite match: Shawn Michaels vs Undertaker, Wrestlemania 25

Favorite moment: Jericho’s Undisputed title win

Favorite promo: The infamous “Pipe bomb” of course

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