On to the NXT One (June 15)

Credit: WWE.com

All I can say about this episode is that if you missed it, you should watch it. This was a simple episode, that did wonders for the wrestlers involved.

Drew McIntyre vs Rob Ryzin

Many fans have been on the fence about McIntyre, but I for one have enjoyed his presence in NXT. Nothing about him has been seen in NXT before. As for this match, it was nothing more than small way to keep him relevant. Thankfully it wasn’t too short, because it gave the contest some substance.

I’m guessing he’ll be doing stuff like this until mid July. It’ll be interesting to see how his next program begins.

Authors of Pain vs Local Talent/Heavy Machinery Interruption

Obviously the match didn’t accomplish anything, but the interruption from Heavy Machinery did. I don’t believe this will be a Takeover program, but it should hold over the champs until Brooklyn. This particular confrontation was nice and simple. It allowed for the new challengers to look credible, and hopefully this leads to something meaningful in the upcoming weeks.

Raul Mendoza vs Velveteen Dream

I haven’t read much about Patrick Clark within the past few weeks, but I love his gimmick. He’s done a great job at making his character believable. Even his in ring mannerisms are perfect for the persona he’s portraying. While he may be flamboyant, he certainly exhibits a ton of aggression, which adds a lot to the character. My only criticism towards him was his finisher. The elbow drop isn’t very creative, especially for this character.

Nikki Cross vs Asuka vs Ruby Riot

Truth be told, I was incredibly intoxicated when I watched the original match, so I was excited to see the rematch. The elimination stipulation wasn’t there last time, but I applaud the writers for incorporating it into this one. There’s many many occasions where rematches feel like rehashes, but that wasn’t the case here.

The two characters that stood out the most were certainly Cross and Asuka. Riot actually felt like an afterthought, as there wasn’t much her character brought to the ring. Moving forward, that’s something Ruby needs to change, because a look isn’t something a wrestler can simply rely on. That’s why it was a great decision to make her the first person eliminated.

With Asuka and Cross being such intense characters, it was only right that they were the last two left. Along with that, a feud between the two has been teased for months. Initially I didn’t like the no contest finish, but the post match brawl made up for that. When was the last time we’ve seen anything that intense with female wrestlers? The two showcased legitimate hatred towards one another, and it translated well on screen. This may not be the main program heading into Brooklyn, but fans should be excited to see how it plays out.


From start to finish, this was a wicked episode of NXT. The squash matches made sense, and so did the main event. Within an hour, the writers and wrestlers for this show accomplished a lot.

There wasn’t a low point, but the high points consisted of the opening match and the main event. Overall, I give this edition of NXT an 8.5/10.


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