On to the NXT One (Apr.26)

Credit: WWE.com

The deeper we enter this new era of NXT, the more entertaining the shows have been. Many of the new key players are properly being showcased, which in return makes the shows feel fresh every week.

Opening Segment

Nikki’s way of calling out Riot was rather interesting, but it was cool simply based on her not holding the mic . Instead of this leading to an immediate brawl, I would’ve preferred some sort of back and forth on the mic. The two certainly have chemistry when it comes to getting physical, but their feud needs more substance.

Ruby later did explain her distain for Sanity, but wouldn’t that have been more impactful if it were done in this segment? A promo that leads into a brawl isn’t completely unheard of.

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs Drew McIntyre

After the amazing heel work Almas has done, did he deserve his fate in this match? The contest was roughly four minutes, and it made Cien look like enhancement talent. Also, this was easily something they could’ve saved for Takeover: Chicago.

I’m aware he’s going for a “I don’t care” attitude, but it’s over the top when done like this.

Roderick Strong Video Package

This is exactly what Roderick Strong needed. Before this video package, the NXT audience knew nothing about him. His story was extremely touching, and it humanized him. How can someone not cheer for him anymore?

Kona Reeves vs Aleister Black 

Yeah, these quick wins are working for Black. He’s proved that he doesn’t need to speak just yet, so that combined with the squash matches has given him a special aura.

Ruby Riot vs Nikki Cross

While I did criticize their opening segment, the two managed to the fans something more entertaining from this brawl. The two were still able to get physical, but it leaves the audience wanting more.

Tyler Bate vs Jack Gallagher

Until a UK show is finalized on the WWE’s side, Tyler Bate should be a main stay on NXT television. By keeping his appearances limited, and excluding him from any sort of feud, he becomes an afterthought.

With that being said, kudos to Tom Phillips for mentioned the weekly UK show and the importance of this title defence. That small bit did a ton in terms of giving the match meaning.

Since these two wrestle similar technical styles, this encounter was incredibly fun to watch. The two moved around smoothly, and created a slow pace that was entertaining. I genuinely couldn’t keep my eyes away from the screen, meaning I did most of my typing afterwards.

Even though I did have reservations about this, it turned out to be an incredible main event, and I’m looking forward to that UK show more than ever.


Apart from two show specific criticisms, this episode of NXT felt quite important. A lot happened for the big name players on the brand, and the main champion was barely showcased. That goes to show how incredible the depth currently is.

The low point of the show was Almas vs McIntyre, while the high points were Strong’s video package and the main event. Overall, this show deserves a solid 8/10.

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