On to the NXT One (Apr.13)

Credit: WWE.com

There’s not much to say other than that this was a fun episode to watch. A few debuts, mixed with some good wrestling was enough to make this an entertaining show.

Aleister Black vs Corey Hollis

I was pretty harsh on Black’s debut, but I did take a liking to him here. His demeanour in this squash match perfectly showcased what his character is about. The finish certainly added to his allure.

DIY vs Dylan Miley & Michael Blaze

Yes, this was the second consecutive squash match on the show, but it surprisingly accomplished a lot. Not only was this a bounce back win for DIY, it was an introduction to Dylan Miley, who was given a good amount of time to beat down his partner after the match.

Ember Moon Video Package

This was a pretty neat video package for Moon. I can’t recall a video package ever being done the way it was here, and that made Ember’s story feel important. Nothing about it was overdone, and it was kept simple.

Ruby Riot vs Kimberly Frankley

There was nothing about this match that had me excited. Ruby Riot has only been on NXT television twice, so it’s difficult to care about her unless she’s doing something with Nikki Cross. Well, I thought wrong, because the actual match between these two was pretty fluid. Along with that, there was an appearance from Cross, which kept their feud going.

Oney Lorcan vs Drew McIntyre 

I don’t get what so many fans see in Lorcan. He seems to be a strong competitor, but other than that, there’s not a lot to him. Do people actually think he can go anywhere with the character he’s currently playing?

Aside from my complaining, it was great to see Drew McIntyre back in WWE. After Drew showed the wrestling world how great he can be in the indies/Impact, he finally feels like the big deal that WWE always wanted him to be.

As for McIntyre’s first match, I thought Lorcan was a good choice because he’s a versatile worker that can sell extremely well. Considering how hard hitting Drew’s move set is, he needed some one that could make him look like an absolute beast.

Shinsuke Nakamura Farewell

There was no better way to do Shinsuke’s farewell. I thought this emotional and exciting at the same time. His promo really put into perspective how fast his time in NXT went by. Also, it was nice to see the roster come out and give him a standing ovation.


There may not have been a lot in terms of story progression on this episode, but it was simply fun to watch. Seeing plenty of new faces should have fans excited for this era of NXT. With Shinsuke finally being called up, it feels as if the brand is moving into a different direction.

There wasn’t really a low point, but the high points consisted of the opening match, Lorcan vs McIntyre, and Nakamura’s promo. Overall, this episode deserves an 8.5/10.

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