Wrestlemania Wrap Up (Apr.3)

Credit: WWE.com

Sometimes us fans really need to be patient. Criticizing the Wrestlemania card only got most of us upset, but it turned out to be a strong event. Quite honestly, this may have been the most well balanced Mania the WWE has produced in years. 

AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon

I found it shocking that this was the first match on the card, but I liked it. This contest included two men who are both over with the crowd, so having this first was a great way to energize the crowd. 

The actual action was decent, but it wasn’t anything special. It became obvious at times that AJ was definitely carrying Shane. However, it was still impressive to see Shane work some big spots.
While the pacing was slow, the garbage can spot where Shane reversed AJ’s coast to coast was amazing. Styles sold that garbage can hit as if he was shot. Overall, this match went a bit longer than it should’ve, but it was still entertaining. 


Chris Jericho vs Kevin Owens 

From start to finish, these two put forth some great action. They didn’t hold back, and at no point did it feel as long as it actually was. These two didn’t need any cheap tricks, because their wrestling skill was strong enough to showcase their hatred.
After seeing Owens use the Walls on Jericho, it became more of a mark out moment when Jericho got the Walls on Owens. It felt like a feel good moment for the loveable babyface.  

As for the finish, it was a great way of capping off their program. Was it predictable? Sure, but it told the right story, and pushed the right characters. 


Raw Women’s Fatal Four Way

The build for this feud was horrendous, but that didn’t stop these women from putting forth a strong match. Seeing three of the four horsewomen take out Nia was extremely entertaining. A lot of fans were speculating that Nia would make the action worse, but that wasn’t case. Instead, she fully added to what made this exciting. 

Now being eliminated first was smart, because that allowed for the more skilled wrestlers to finish the match. Also, there’s a lot more drama between Charlotte, Bayley, and Sasha because of the history. 

The flow of the match was strong, and every time someone was pinned, it was impactful. If every pin in an elimination match is a big deal, the wrestlers are doing something right to get the fans invested. Overall, this set the bar high for the rest of the show. 


Raw Tag Title Ladder Match

The Hardys return was nothing short of a mark out moment. Many of us knew it was coming, but it was still amazing to see it happen. 

Once the Hardys came out, it was difficult to care about any of the other teams. That’s why it was wise to allow them to dominate for the first few minutes. After a while, they blended in, and gave the fans a reason to care for the rest of the wrestlers. 

In matches like this, we shouldn’t look for technical wrestling, but instead we should just enjoy the big spots. It felt like those high stakes spots were coming quite often, and it was a lot fun to watch. The swanton bomb from Hardy was easily the spot of the show. I didn’t actually think he’d go through it, but he did.  

The finish they executed was the right way to go. That’s a great way to get fans excited for Raw. 


John Cena & Nikki Bella vs The Miz & Maryse

I thought this match was perfectly placed. It set a calm tone after the spot fest that was ladder match. 

Heading into this, I thought the actual wrestling wouldn’t good, but that wasn’t the case. The Miz and Cena showed that they still have chemsitry, as they carried the action. 

As decent as the match was, the finish came quick, and it could’ve been done better. After the Miz had done such a great job at promoting this feud,  he deserved a better fate. 

The proposal was heavily predicted by fans, but it was a sweet moment. Sometimes moments like that are needed in pro wrestling, just to show us that the characters are real people. 


Triple H vs Seth Rollins

As the first singles no dq match of the show, I’m glad the two got straight to the point. It’s supposed to be non sanctioned, so it was crucial that the two went straight to fighting outside the ring. 

Out of all the matches on this card, this was the one that showcased the most hatred. It genuinely felt like these two were trying to kill each other. Along with that, when they switched to the slow pace, it appeared each man was trying to work a methodical style. 

There were some good spots, but the continuous use of that reverse figure four was the spot that made this match. It may not have been the most flashy moment, but it added to the story, which also did a lot for this contest. 

With Stephanie going through a table, and Triple H losing to the pedigree, I thought the finish was awesome. It was poetic for Seth, and hopefully this leads to a more successful babyface run for him. 


Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

With this program being booked as a supernatural feud, it was great to see them explore that theme in the match. While some may dislike the use of worm visuals, I thought it was a great touch. 

Apart from the cool visuals, most of this match moved at an extremely slow pace. Sometimes slow pacing works, but that wasn’t the case here. 

I’m glad this wasn’t the main event, because it was brutal. Orton losing just felt so anticlimactic. This didn’t build to anything. 


Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg

I didn’t expect much from this match, but that quickly changed once this started. Even though we saw Goldberg spam the spear, this turned out to be quite entertaining. 

Seeing Brock beat Goldberg felt good. I couldn’t have been more satisfied. It wasn’t a thing of beauty, but I’m just glad Goldberg is out of the main event scene. 


Smackdown Women’s Title Match

Since this was the second last match, I had thought it would be just as quick as the previous one. Well thankfully that wasn’t the case, because these women did a great job. 

It was awesome how all of them had an equal amount of screen time, and that gave a sense of unpredictability. My only gripe was Natalya’s double sharp shooter. That was an unnecessary spot that looked terrible. 

I thought Naomi winning was a good choice, because she’s too over to not be a champ. 


The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns

Hearing Jim Ross’ voice was strange, but great. It just sounded right.

The chemsitry between Taker and Roman was actually quite strong. From the very start, the two just hit it off. Also, I think a lot of this was a testament to how strong Roman’s in ring work can be. 

Many fans have complained how this match didn’t have a great story, but there was a story being told. These two were competing because they wanted to prove who was the best, and that’s how this came across. 

Towards the end, Taker looked gased. A lot of his moves looked sloppy, and he was lucky to have someone like Roman helping him out. An example of this was how they recovered from the botched tombstone spot. 

The last few minutes were magnificent. Every time Roman hit Taker with the spear, it appeared to be over, but it wasn’t. The near falls were done extremely well. The great part about that was how the pins weren’t spammed. 

In terms of the finish, it was well executed. Personally, I would’ve preferred something more dramatic from Reigns, but it wasn’t about him turning heel. This finish was about Taker’s farewell to the WWE and it’s fans. 

As someone that’s been a life long Undertaker fan, I’d like to express my appreciation for everything he’s done for professional wrestling. He’s arguably given the WWE more than any other wrestler has before him. 



Unlike last year’s Wrestlemania, this five hour show flew by quickly. It was paced out well, and there were several strong matches that stood out. Considering how fans were down on the card, the WWE proved that they can deliver when it matters. 

The low points were the battle royal and Bray vs Orton, while the high points consisted of the Raw women’s match, the ladder match, Rollins vs Triple H, and Taker vs Reigns. Overall, I give this show an 8.5/10. 

2 thoughts on “Wrestlemania Wrap Up (Apr.3)

  1. Was indeed a good show. When the Miz and Cena match the show started to decay IMO. I’ll have my review later after I watch the last match.


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