Wrestlemania Kick off Show – Review & Analysis (Apr.2)

Credit: WWE.com

As I sit here waiting for the main show to start, I can honestly say the kick off show was entertaining. The battle royal wasn’t anything special, but the video packages were solid, and so were the two titles matches. 

Austin Aries vs Neville

For the first match on the show, this was great. The two worked in a bit of everything, which was a good way to showcase their versatility. They did a good job at pacing out the action, and that allowed for the big, yet simple, spots feel more impactful. 
Aside from the awkward forearm that oddly sent Neville out of the ring, the finish was well done. It felt intense and unpredictable, which is always fun for fans. 


Battle Royal

Honestly, I wasn’t paying attention to this until Braun was eliminated. That was a real shocker, as this felt like it was for him. After that, it became incredibly boring. The only reason Mojo won was so they could work a spot with Rob Grankowski, which is pretty stupid if you think about it.


Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin

Was this announced for the kick off show? It seemed rather strange, but I’ll go with the idea that this was here to elevate the kick off show. 

I liked how the two took their time, and didn’t rush to big spots. They can still showcase their hate for one another without doing anything extravagent. Also, I thought that allowed for them to properly tell the story of their feud. 

The spot of this match was definitely Ambrose’s counter of the End of Days. It looked extremely fluid, and it was a brilliant way to end the match.


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