The Smackdown Scoop – “Maharaja” Edition (Apr.26)

From start to finish, this week’s episode of Smackdown proved to be action packed. The wrestling was entertaining, and the story should have most fans wanting more next week.  Opening Segment Dolph Ziggler’s promo was rather corny, but it worked for the first bit. He jumped the shark once he told Michael Jackson’s life story.… Continue reading The Smackdown Scoop – “Maharaja” Edition (Apr.26)


Raw Rollup – “Chat me up, man!” Edition (Apr.25)

We’re six days away from Payback, and the WWE had to figure out how to hook fans. I can’t say they accomplished that, but the fans were given an entertaining show.  Opening Segment Before the Miz interuppted him, Jericho cut a solid babyface promo. The crowd wanted to cheer him, and he gave them a… Continue reading Raw Rollup – “Chat me up, man!” Edition (Apr.25)

The Casual Thoughts

The Shake Up – One Week Later (Apr.21)

Last week the WWE gave us the “superstar shake up”, which was meant to refresh the rosters. In actuality, something like this is necessary, or else the feuds become to stale (which Raw managed to do in less than a year). Considering how there’s been two brand splits in WWE history, the company is no… Continue reading The Shake Up – One Week Later (Apr.21)


Raw Rollup – “Shake Up” Edition (Apr.11)

After a week of anticipation, we finally got to see the superstar shake up. Like many fans, I was expecting a smart explanation as to how the superstars were moving, but that wasn’t the case. Somehow the main plot device for this episode was the most sluggish part about it.  Opening Segment Yeah, I can’t… Continue reading Raw Rollup – “Shake Up” Edition (Apr.11)