Takeover: Orlando – Preview & Predictions (Mar.31)

Credit: WWE.com

Takeover: Orlando has been built differently from many of the previous ones. For the first time in a while, I truly believe they put in more work for the mid carders than they did for the main eventers. That may seem strange, but fans shouldn’t mind. The top guys will always put forth strong matches, however it’s the others the WWE needs to work on getting over, and that’s something they’ve accomplished with this card.

Triple Threat Tag Title Match

I honestly believe this has been one of the best built programs heading into Wrestlemania. All of the teams involved want to be the best in NXT, and they’ve done a wonderful job at showcasing their desire to win/retain the titles. By now every fan knows how entertaining DIY and the Revival can be, but I think it’s time to give the Authors of Pain some credit. They’ve fulfilled their role perfectly in this feud, and for once the two monsters have become compelling.

This is certainly one of the harder matches to predict. It’s perfectly fair to assume that each team has an equal chance of winning. However, it’s Mania weekend, and that’s always the time where the babyfaces emerge victorious. In that case, I predict DIY to win.

Winner: DIY

Aleister Black vs Andrade Cien Almas

I’d say this match could’ve easily been replaced with Ohno vs Drifter from this past week’s episode of NXT. It was announced last minute, so why should I care about it. I don’t believe Aleister Black (Tommy End) is a big enough name to warrant a plotless match.

Almas has picked up enough wins within the past few weeks so he can afford the loss. Plus, it’s Black’s debut NXT match, so he should pick up the win.

Winner: Aleister Black

Sanity vs Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, No Way Jose, & Ruby Riot

Surprisingly enough, for a six to eight person feud, this has been well built. That has to be attributed to the consistent story telling from January. While everything in this program started of with Dillinger and Young, the others have perfectly fit in. No Way Jose is a natural fit for any babyface team, but I’m surprised with how interesting this has made Roderick Strong. Sure, Roddy hasn’t done anything special, but it’s great to see how diverse he can be.

Since Eric Young picked up the win at Takeover: San Antonio, it’s only fair this falls in favour of Dillinger & Co. Also, Tye has been so over with the fans, and it’s only fair that he receives some sort of big moment.

Asuka vs Ember Moon

For the past few Takeover’s, the women’s title match has been one that includes a tremendous amount of drama. All of those feuds have have included other factors aside from Asuka’s undefeated streak. Well, they’ve reached a point where that’s the only thing it can be about, which is fine. The champ has come this far, and it’s about time her streak be in jeopardy.

Based off the depth of the women’s division on Raw, I’m guessing Asuka isn’t sticking around in NXT for much longer. It’s a fair bet that she drops the title and gives Ember Moon the torch to carry the NXT women’s division.

Winner: Ember Moon

Bobby Roode vs Shinsuke Nakamura

On paper, this could be considered a huge match in any promotion. It includes two top workers that know how to sell a feud, and work a strong match. However, for this rematch, the feud has cooled off completely. I attribute that to the injury angle they worked with Nakamura. It’s one thing to sell an injury for a show or two, but what they did was over kill. The two have yet to even come face to face since their last encounter. Hopefully they can make the fans forget about the weak build with another great match.

Shinsuke’s been around for a full year, and he’s accomplished everything he could in NXT. I’m fairly certain he’ll be one of the big call ups next week. Also, why not let Roode run with the belt for a little longer? He’s completely over with the crowd, and there’s a few fresh matchups left for him in NXT.

Winner: Bobby Roode

5 thoughts on “Takeover: Orlando – Preview & Predictions (Mar.31)

      1. Brock vs. Lesnar and Taker vs. Reigns have no appeal to me. Many matches look like fillers throwing as much people as possible on them.

        Only looking forward to Seth vs. HHH , Orton vs. Bray and Owens vs. Jericho.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s a poor booking match that both Cena and Miz have made the most out of it. Kudos for both, but probably something I could see in Smackdown instead. WRESTLEMANIA to me.


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