On to the NXT One – Go Home Edition (Mar.30)

Credit: WWE.com

Within the past few weeks, the card for this Takeover has been well built. However, it looks like the bookers forget they had a show left. Quite honestly, fans could’ve gone without seeing this before Saturday. 

Akam vs Johnny Gargano vs Dash Wilder

For a go home show, I thought this was an awesome match. It doesn’t give away the action, but instead it gives the fans a small taste of the triple threat tag at Takeover. While I was looking forward to the triple threat, I thought that Wilder bailing at the start of the match was a great touch. For the Revival, it’s fully in character for them to leave when there’s nothing at stake. 

Having Gargano wrestle Akam on his own was more fitting, as Gargano’s character is a known underdog. Also, Johnny was bound to get a better singles match out of Akam. 

Even though the Revival left early on, Dawson running in to pick up the win was amazing. I didn’t foresee that happening, which only made that moment more exciting. Overall, this was an excellent way to build towards the tag title program.

Heavy Machinery vs Local Competitors 

This wasn’t the episode to debut a new tag team. Regardless of how strong they come off, this only made Heavy Machinery into an after thought. At this point, fans only care about Takeover and the wrestlers on that card. 

I for one thought this was a botched debut. 

Asuka/Ember Moon Contract Signing

Why didn’t this occur in the ring? The impact of this signing was completely lost by making it a prerecorded segment. 

Talk about down playing a championship feud. 

Kassius Ohno vs Elias Samson 

Considering how the Takeover card is looking shallow, why not wait until then? The stipulation was important, and I’m sure it would’ve drawn a lot of fans in on Saturday. With this being on a normal episode of NXT, the outcome was fairly predictable. It would still be predictable at Takeover, however the grander stage would just give it more meaning.

While the show wasn’t that special, seeing Samson lose his cool was rather entertaining. He receives a lot of hate, but fans forget how great he is at playing his character. 


I’m not even sure if this could be considered a go home show. Only two feuds were given new content, which didn’t make this show feel like a big deal. 

The low points were the tag match and the contract signing, while the high point was the triple threat. Overall, this show deserves a 3/10. 

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