On to the NXT One – “This is your head!” Edition (Mar.23)

Credit: WWE.com

It’s crucial for the mid-lower card guys to also receive a fair amount of time on the shows leading to a PPV. At the end of the day, they’re the ones that’ll comprise the rest of the card after the one or two main event programs. This episode of NXT showcased why fans should care for the rest of the roster.

Oney Lorcan vs Andrade “Cien” Almas

Going into the show, I had no care in the world to see this rematch. The two had a mini feud earlier in the year, and it fizzled into nothing.

Everything Almas did in this match captured my attention. In his time as a heel, he’s perfected all the traditional mannerisms. Lorcan isn’t over whatsoever, but Andrade still found a to get booed by the crowd. I thought he absolutely stole the match, and made it worth watching.

As for Oney Lorcan, it’s unfortunate that he doesn’t have a stronger character, because that would’ve added a lot to an already good match. The man clearly knows how to work in the ring, but I believe a tweak in his personality will do wonders for him moving forward.

Overall, this didn’t turn out as bad as I thought it would. Goes to show, never judge something in pro wrestling before it happens.

Asuka vs Local Competitor

For a squash match, this was creatively done. Asuka’s comment on the mic was magnificent, and it was a neat way of furthering her feud with Moon. Also, her Japanese post match promo was a solid way of increasing the tension with Ember.

Bobby Roode/Shinsuke Nakamura Video Package

How incredible was this video package? It perfectly showcased the character that is Bobby Roode. Along with that, this did a lot for a feud that had become somewhat cold.

Roderick Strong, No Way Jose, & Tye Dillinger vs Sanity 

After weeks of build, I was pretty excited to see how this six man tag would play out. That’s quite ironic, considering how most wrestling fans aren’t too fond of watching too many six man tags.

Roderick hasn’t done a whole lot in terms of standing out as a character, but his dominance in the first half reminded us why the WWE signed him. It’s easy to forget that since he hasn’t wrestled on NXT television in a while.

There were times where the pacing was formulaic, but it was still a fluid and entertaining match. The intensity was still present, and that should’ve been enough to keep the crowd hooked.

I thought the finish to the match was an excellent way to cap off this show. Sanity received a slight comeuppance, all while keeping this large feud open for another episode (or PPV). Also, we got to see the introduction of a new female wrestler, who cancelled out Cross’ role in the post match brawl. Overall, this turned out to be an eventful main event.


With only one more episode before Takeover, the NXT writing team did a great job at showcasing the mid-lower card feuds. Those particular programs felt just as important as the title ones, which isn’t common in today’s age of wrestling. While the main event feuds weren’t heavily exposed, they received enough  mentions to keep the show going.

There were no low points, but the high points consisted of the opening match and the main event. Overall, this episode of NXT deserves a 9/10.


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