On to the NXT One (Mar.16)

Credit: WWE.com

Once again, NXT hit one out of the park. Every segment felt meaningful, while every feud felt heated. 

Ealy Brothers vs Authors of Pain

As much as the Ealy Brothers aren’t anything but enhancement talent, it was nice to see how this match was a follow up from last week. I thought this was a great way to give NXT’s twin tag team some decent exposure, while giving AoP a quick win. 

The post match promo with the three teams in the tag title feud was solid. Everybody sounded great on the mic, especially the Revival. The “top guys” continue to show why they’re the future of WWE’s tag division. 

My only beef with the promo was how DIY told Ellering that they didn’t know the meaning of “algorithm”. They essentially insulted a heel for having a larger vocabulary than them. How stupid is that? 

Asuka Video Package

This video package was similar to ones that are created by NJPW. That’s probably because the production team used the clips of Asuka outside of a wrestling ring. It allowed for her to come across as a star athlete. I hope this is a style they use for other performers in NXT/WWE. 

Nikki Cross vs Macey Estrella/Sanity-No Way Jose, & Tye Dillinger Brawl

Since Takeover San Antonio, Nikki Cross hasn’t been showcased that much and she’s left without a program for Takeover. There’s nothing wrong with that, as there simply isn’t room for her on the Takeover card. However, matches like this are vital in keeping her relevant, because the company obviously has plans for her moving forward. 

I was completely fine with the squash from Nikki, but the beat down from Sanity on to Dillinger & Jose was a great way of topping it off. These beat downs are done in an affective manner because they have the audience begging for the come back from babyfaces. Quite honestly, I’m surprised the six man tag match was booked for next week, but I’m very much looking forward to it. 

Billie Kay Injury Video Package

Consider me worked. 

Bobby Roode vs Kassius Ohno

Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t Ohno been wrestling NXT house shows in his trunks? It’s somewhat surprising that gave him a matching top for his television in ring return. If that was mandated by the company, it goes to show what they think of his body type. 

From the very start, these two wrestled a hard hitting pace. Even though they’ve only interacted once, they wrestled this match as if they had been feuding for weeks. Ohno in particular looked great, and I thought it was smart to give him the first bit of offense. There has to be fans out there that aren’t too familiar with his work, and this was a great way of showcasing his style early on. 

Bobby spent a lot of time selling for Ohno, but aside from that I thought he worked a terrific heel style. Sure, he didn’t cheat, but knew exactly how to slow the match down, which is a great way to get the fans to cheer against him. 

The way these two worked the last few minutes of the match was amazing. Going in, I didn’t think the title would change hands, but that changed towards the end of this contest. I know it sounds silly, but crazier things have happened. 

Overall, this turned out to be everything it should’ve been. Hopefully this leaves the door open for a future program between Roode and Ohno. 


I don’t know how NXT has been able to keep their momentum going, but it’s great for the fans. Every show within the past two months has been meaningful, and every episode has given the fans a reason to tune in for the next one. For the first time in a while, it feels as if Takeover has naturally come together. 

The low point of the show was DIY’s lame insult (which really isn’t that big of a deal), while the high points were the main event and Asuka’s video package. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10. 

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