Fastlane – Review & Analysis (Mar.6)

Credit: WWE.com

If you haven’t seen this PPV yet, don’t bother. Apart from the main event, there was nothing significant on the show. 

Samoa Joe vs Sami Zayn

Quite honestly, I was shocked that this match opened the show. It included two of the best workers on the roster, and I assumed it would be in the middle of this card. 

With Joe beating down on Zayn, the fans were able to see the strong selling of Zayn, and the strength of Joe. While the match was one sided, at least Sami was able to come across as a resilient competitor. Overall, this turned out to be extremely effective and great in terms of character development. However, I’m sure most fans are curious to see where Joe goes from here. 


Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Since Enzo and Cass have pulled back on the long promos within the past few weeks, the one they cut before the match was quite refreshing. It was genuinely funny, and it was a great way to get the crowd on their side. 

The actual match wasn’t anything great. It was too formulaic and predictable. Enzo & Cass need to incorporate something new into their repitoire, because what they’re currently doing isn’t exciting any more. I for one didn’t get excited for the hot tag to Big Cass anymore. 

The finish itself was pretty entertaining. They certainly made it intense and crafty. With the way Anderson & Gallows won, it allows for their feud to grow with Enzo & Cass. 


Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax 

I actually forgot to include this into my predictions. That’s simply a sign of how forgettable this match was. It made sense because the two were feuding, but it hasn’t been consistent enough to be on this PPV.  

In terms of selling, Sasha did a great job from start to finish. There’s no hiding that she’s a talented performer, but matches like this are just a reminder of how versatile she can be. 

Initially I wasn’t a fan of the finish, but I realized that it made sense. Nia remained strong with her dominance, but Sasha still kept her credibility with a quick pin. Essentially, neither of them looked bad once everything was said an done. 

Cesaro vs Jinder Mahal/Big Show vs Rusev

When did Jinder and Rusev start disliking each other? That came out of nowhere. 

Due to the spontaneity of this match, fans didn’t have a reason to care. After Jinder had been treated like a jobber for months, how was he keeping up with Cesaro? It didn’t add up. 

This match went far too long, and by the time Rusev came back, I didn’t care for what happened. Also, having Rusev wrestle Big Show just screamed filler. There’s no doubt that this was a lull in the PPV. 

This was nothing but a waste of time. 


Jack Gallagher vs Neville 

The pacing of this match was incredible. After the two train wreck of matches that were displayed before, this was a great way to turn the show’s momentum around. 

Neville looked like an absolute beast in this match. His offense was fluid, yet stiff. That was a great way of showcasing how strong he truly is compared to the other crusierweights. The spot where he threw Gallagher into the barricade was a great example of his strength. Also, let’s not forget how incredible his snap German suplex looked. 

The gentleman may have been on the receiving end of Neville’s dangerous offence, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t effective. Gallagher displayed amazing selling along with some impressive offensive. 

After a hard fought match, the red arrow was the best way for Neville to secure his victory. It showed how he needed to dig deep into his arsenal in order to overcome Gallagher. When done correctly, spots like that feel special. 


Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman

What was going on with Roman’s boots. The white sole completely took away from his overall look. If anything, it looked like he was wearing sneakers. Small details like that can make the biggest difference. 

These two spent far too much time in the ring. Having the them actually work a legitimate wrestling match was a mistake, as it wasn’t very entertaining. However, once they left the ring, the action certainly picked up. For a match that was moving at a slow pace, these two executed the spot of the PPV with Braun slamming Roman through the table. I can’t believe how smooth that looked. 

The finish to this was extremely anticlimactic. Sure, Roman looked strong, but it completely killed the momentum of Braun Strowman. There was nothing special about this match that warranted a loss for Braun. Where does he go from here? 


Charlotte Flair vs Bayley

Thankfully, Bayley and Charlotte stared off with a fast and hard hitting pace. After the Roman vs Braun match, this show had no heartbeat. These two had a difficult task of turning this show around (again). 
Flair was pretty entertaining with her in ring trash talk. Along with that, her offence looked amazing, and Bayley did a magnificent job at selling it. All of that only made Bayley’s come back feel more special. It may be formulaic, but it worked for the story these two were telling. 

I’m not sure if they’re going for shades of grey, but this finish was confusing to say the least. Charlotte looked like a complete babyface with they way things unfolded. She may have grabbed Bayley’s tights, but she had an active numbers game working against her. Why couldn’t Bayley just win clean? Sasha didn’t need to come in, and that didn’t accomplish anything but making the heel look like a helpless babyface. In my opinion, this hurt Bayley’s likeability. 

Side note: why didn’t the ref automatically disqualify Bayley when Sasha charged at Charlotte?


Goldberg vs Kevin Owens

We all knew how this was going to end, but Owens’ attempt to slow down the match was hilarious. It was a great way for him to generate heat from the crowd, and it very much suited his character. 

At this point, all of us smarks had weeks to digest the outcome, so it wasn’t that bad once it happened. At least it made sense for the stories that were presented. 



Going into the PPV I had assumed the main event would be the worst thing on the card, but I couldn’t be further from the truth. There were a few other matches that ensured that wouldn’t be the case.With that being said, this was one of the worst PPV’s I’ve seen in quite some time. 

The low points were Cesaro vs Mahal and Big Show vs Rusev, while the the high point was Neville vs Gallagher. Overall, this PPV deserves a 4/10. 

One thought on “Fastlane – Review & Analysis (Mar.6)

  1. Reblogged this on Wrestling Dreams and commented:
    As you might have predicted, the main event was the worst based on my huge dislike on squash matches.

    RAW dropped the ball big time on this PPV. So many bad decisions that it just makes my head hurt.

    There was no need to sink the Universal title with the train wreck Goldberg/Lesnar feud .


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