On to the NXT One (Feb.16)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

For the second week in a row, the WWE has produced a magnificent episode of NXT. I’d consider this show to be well balanced and quite meaningful.

Authors of Pain  vs Local Competitors

With the way their angle played out last week, this was a necessary squash match to keep AoP strong. I believe this would’ve worked better in the middle of the show, as it would make for a decent buffer.

Billie Kay & Peyton Royce vs Liv Morgan & Ember Moon 

The match itself was quite fluid. These four women are currently leading this women’s division, and it appears they only get better as the weeks go on.

One thing I love about the Kay-Royce duo is how they always receive some sort of comeuppance. At the same time, their not always on the losing end, because they have just as many successes as they do failures. This match in particular was an example of them gaining more heat, which will only make their comeuppance within the next few weeks more meaningful.

DIY/AoP/Revival Promo

As over as the two are, DIY’s promos are certainly more effective in a backstage interview setting. That type of environment simply allows them to convey more emotion towards their programs. Thankfully, they didn’t have to speak for too long, as the Revival and AoP showed up to cement a three way tag feud.

I thought this was very well done, and I believe these three teams should continue to work promos similar to this. While DIY and the Revival are already crowd favourites, they’re doing a tremendous job at making the AoP interesting.

Trent Seven vs Tyler Bate

The UK tournament was a thing of beauty, and it was extremely fun to watch. Just about everybody involved did a great job in the ring, along with portraying their characters well. However, I can’t say I was overly pumped to was Seven vs Bate on this show. It’s been over a month since the two have done anything on WWE programming, so this was a cold main event. The two could’ve at least been showcased once before on NXT.

Luckily for the two competitors, the Full Sail crowd was completely behind them from start to finish.

Aside from my complaints, the two did put on an entertaining match. They utilized a good mix of wrestling and theatrics, which is enough to keep any fan engaged. The spot with the moustache twirls was especially hilarious.

By the time this was said and done, I believe both competitors did a magnificent job at reminding the fans of how entertaining they can be. As the champ, Bate looked strong, but it’s amazing how Seven looked just as credible. In kayfabe, it’s fair enough to consider these two on the same level, because this contest could’ve gone either way.

For fans that haven’t seen the UK tournament yet, I’d consider this to be a strong sample of it.


Everything on this show had it’s place, and nothing felt like pointless filler. Even though there’s many wrestlers without programs set in place for Takeover, their stories and character development are still being progressed on weekly television. I can’t say there was a weak point, but high points consisted of the main event and the women’s tag match. Overall, I give this episode of NXT a 9/10.


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