On to the NXT One (Feb.9)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Once again, NXT is back at Full Sail for their weekly tapings, and this first one didn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for solid story telling, this was the episode for you.

Bollywood Boys vs Sanity

With this being Killian Dain’s first televised NXT match, it was fairly obvious that the Bollywood Boys wouldn’t last long. I found this match to be a great showcase for the newest member of Sanity. By having a monster in the stable, it gives them another layer on top of the many they already have. It’ll be interesting to see how big of a threat these four will be heading forward.

Eric Young cut a short but solid promo once the match ended. He didn’t need to say much, because all he needed to do was further his program with Tye Dillinger.

Liv Morgan vs Billie Kay

Surprisngly, Morgan vs Kay was a lot of fun to watch. Since Morgan has recently feuded with Kay and Royce, this match felt like it had context. All of this made Liv’s win even more special.

While the match was fluid, I do believe Kay and Royce could’ve said more in their interaction with William Regal. Everything about their delivery was funny (the joke about Liv not having any friends was hilarious) but they needed to bring up the match from Takeover. The two were so dominant, and there needed to be some sort of follow up.

Sanity/Tye Dillinger/Roderick Strong/No Way Jose Brawl

Brawls like this aren’t very common in NXT, so whenever they do occur, it’s a big deal. I had assumed Sanity’s part in the show was already done, but this turned out to be a great follow up to Young’s promo from earlier. Also, seeing Strong and Jose running in to help Dillinger was an awesome feel good moment.

Heavy Machinery vs The Revival

After a ton of segments that furthered a few stories, this match came across as cold. Luckily for the viewers, this wasn’t about the in ring action. The match was only there to act as a setup for a brilliant promo by Scott Dawson, which may convinced a ton of fans that the Revival is still the top tag team in the NXT tag division. It now appears they’ll be entering in a feud with the AoP, which should create some interesting dynamics. I thought the ambush from the Revival to AoP was excellent way of showing how this potential monster heels vs strategic heels program can go.

Bobby Roode Promo

Quite honestly, this promo would’ve been perfect for opening the show. This is what fans wanted to see the most after Takeover, and it could’ve easily set a better tone if it was the first segment for this episode.

Placement issues aside, Bobby Roode was magnificent here. I thought he said everything that he needed to, and the promo was rewarded with a ton of legitimate crowd heat. If his mic skills and wit remain this strong, the build up to Roode-Nakamura 2 will be amazing.

Sanity vs Tye Dillinger, Roderick Strong, & No Way Jose

This six man tag could’ve easily been promoted for the next episode. The backstage brawl did enough to peak the crowd’s interest, and it gives them a reason to be excited for the next show. In fact, a bit of week’s worth of promotion would allow the involved wrestlers to cut some promos on what this match means to them.

For what was presented, I still enjoyed this match. Since it was kept to eight minutes in length, it couldn’t afford to be slow, which gave them a chance to wrestle a faster pace. I’m going to assume this won’t be last match between these six, or else it may not have been smart to let Sanity win in such convincing fashion.


From top to bottom, this was an excellent show that progressed many different feuds. I absolutely loved how there wasn’t any filler matches that didn’t lead to anything. Obviously not every week can be this action packed, so we should appreciate the episodes that are.

There weren’t any low points, and the high points included the six man brawl, Roode’s promo, and the Revival’s promo. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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