On to the NXT One (Feb.2)

Credit: WWE.com

It’s episodes like this where I wish NXT would create more lower card feuds. That way there would be something to fill post-Takeover show. The video packages are nice, but anybody watching this would’ve already seen NXT or can use the Network to watch it. 

Ember Moon vs Aliyah 

Aliyah has managed to pick up a decent amount of tv time within the past few weeks, but it was obvious she wasn’t getting past Moon. With Ember not being on the Takeover card from January 28, she needed a some sort of win on this show. 

While the match was extremely predictable, I appreciated the consistent back and forth. This way Aliyah didn’t look like a complete chump. Along with that, it made Ember’s win look much more meaningful. 

There wasn’t a whole lot that was furthered on this show, but I loved how it planted the seeds for Moon vs Asuka. The backstage interviews for both were extremely effective, and it should have fans excited for the upcoming feud. 

Oney Lorcan vs Tyler Bate

Honestly, the only purpose of this match was to showcase Tyler Bate to anybody who didn’t watch the UK tournament. It wasn’t a bad idea though, because had he been kept off WWE programming any longer, fans may have forgotten about him. Aside from seeing his signature moves, this was nothing short of a long squash match. 

Corey Graves Video Package

I heard earlier last week that Graves would be leaving NXT, so this was a great send off. For a video package, this was well put together, and quite emotional. It was a reminder how far he’s come in his career, and as a fan, I couldn’t be more proud to see how he’s progressed. 

Elias Samson vs No Way Jose

For Graves, there was nothing more fitting than him calling a Samosn match for his last NXT taping. 

As per the action, it was decent, but nothing special. Jose was in much need of a big win, so it made sense for him to win. 


If you liked video packages, this was the show to watch. It worked great as a highlight episode for Takeover, but there wasn’t a lot of story progressed. The low point was the main event, while the high point was the Graves video package. Overall, I give this episode a 4/10. 

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