On to the NXT One – Polar/Grizzly Bear Edition (Jan. 26)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Honestly, if you plan on watching Takeover, just assume last week’s episode was the go home show. There wasn’t much about this edition of NXT that furthered any sort of plot.

Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan

From the very start, this match was extremely fluid. Liv Morgan isn’t known as an in ring technician, but her chemistry with Ember was amazing. I believe the two worked at an excellent pace which remained intense from start to finish. Personally, I thought the cross face spot was amazing, as it had me thinking Liv would tap out.

As per the spot of the match, it was certainly Moon’s top rope stunner. In this case it wasn’t about her execution, but more about Morgan’s selling. It was as if Liv got nailed with a shotgun. Overall, the match was perfect for opening this episode.

No Way Jose vs Kona Reeves

I can’t say I truly cared for this match, but I did like how it included some continuity. Also, the action wasn’t anything exciting. In fact, I’d say this match was very worth skipping.

While the match itself wasn’t strong, the post match antics were quite strong. Elias Samson’s appearance was much needed as it gave the entire segment some sort of purpose. Along with that, a new feud has been started, and that gives us NXT fans some to look forward to.

Chris Atkins vs Eric Young

Very much like the previous match, this wasn’t too exciting. However, I can’t say the post match antics were anything worth watching. Eric Young cut a generic promo, and it certainly could’ve used a run in from Tye Dillinger.

Women’s Face Off

This was actually a neat way to close out the go home show for Takeover. Last week we saw the contract signing for the NXT championship, so this segment allowed for the women’s program to seem just as equal.

The roles for each competitor were well delegated in this segment. Promo wise, it was smart for Kay and Royce to speak on the mic, while Asuka and Cross were best used for the brawling aspect. In fact, once everything was over, this came across as the best built feud heading into Takeover.


Apart from the video packages and the closing segment, this show was pointless. Nothing about the in ring segments did anything to further storylines for Takeover, and it wouldn’t give any fan a reason to be excited. The low point were the two middle matches, while the high point was the women’s face off. Overall, I give this show a 4/10.

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