On to the NXT One – Six 2017 Predictions for NXT (Jan.5)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

As most of you know by now, there wasn’t a new episode of NXT on last night. Hopefully the TV tapings will be done before next Wednesday, as I for one am looking forward to the Roode-Nakamura build up.

While I couldn’t review a new show, I decided to type out some predictions for NXT in 2017. Of course anything can happen, but sometimes it’s just fun to analyze the possibilities.

1. Adam Cole will be signed after his ROH deal is up

For anybody that closely follows contract rumours, this shouldn’t be a surprise. Adam Cole has done a wonderful job at building a strong stock at such a young age. More recently, he’s found a way to refresh his character by joining and being great fit with the Bullet Club. He’d make a great addition to the NXT roster and has the potential to be a top heel.

2. Shinsuke Nakamura will remain with NXT for all of 2017

One thing fans always forget is that NXT is now a touring brand, and they need to draw fans. In 2016, we saw them jump from small house shows in Florida to larger cities (and venues) in Japan, and Australia. Even the WWE themselves have increased the product’s overall exposure. Due to all of this, Shinsuke Nakamura probably won’t find himself on the main roster any time soon. The King of Strong Style is a huge attraction for NXT, and has quickly become the top babyface. As it currently stands, he’s the only babyface at the top of the card, so they’d be in quite the mess if they just pulled him out.

3. Bobby Roode will become a babyface

My last prediction leads me into this one. With Nakamura being the only babyface on top of the card, the brand is in desperate need of another one. It would balance out the roster, and the fans may heavily approve of the decision. Everywhere Roode has gone since his debut, he’s been able to connect with the crowd. Yes, his theme song has helped get him over, but he’s also done great work with his in ring skills and promo abilities to garner reactions from the fans.

5. TM61 will be the first team to defeat the Authors of Pain 

It doesn’t look like the Authors of Pain are slowing down any time soon. The bookers of NXT are adamant on making them the biggest threat in the tag division, so they’ll probably run through DIY with no issues. With that being said, TM61 has a ton of appeal behind them as they have indie credit and play the role as the loveable underdogs. Why not use the monster heels to elevate a new team on to the top of the division?

6. Asuka will be called up to Raw after Summerslam

While NXT’s women’s division is thin, the one on Raw is even thinner. However with Wrestlemania season upon us, don’t expect the main roster bookers to experiment with Asuka just yet. It appears right now they’ll go the distance with Charlotte, Sasha, Bayley, and Nia (possibly Paige). The WWE always tests newer stars in between Summerslam and Mania, so that’s most likely when we’ll see the Empress on the main roster.

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