Raw Rollup – #61MinuteMan Edition (Jan.31)

Wrestlemania is about two months away, but there’s still another PPV before that which the WWE needs to build towards. Without having a split focus, they did a great job at building stories for both upcoming PPVs on this episode. For the first time in a while, Raw felt important.  Opening Segment I thought this… Continue reading Raw Rollup – #61MinuteMan Edition (Jan.31)


Royal Rumble – Review & Analysis (Jan.30)

After years of predictable Royal Rumbles, the fans were finally given something they couldn’t predict. I’d say this event lived up to that, but the main event may not have been executed as well as it could’ve.  Bayley vs Charlotte  This was the perfect match to open the show. It’s a hot feud, and it… Continue reading Royal Rumble – Review & Analysis (Jan.30)


Takeover: San Antonio – Review & Analysis (Jan.29)

Out of every Takeover special, this may have been the one with the least amount of build, but that didn’t stop it from being entertaining. The stars of NXT put forth a great effort on this card, and that made it feel as if these feuds have been going for a while. Tye Dillinger vs… Continue reading Takeover: San Antonio – Review & Analysis (Jan.29)


Royal Rumble Preview & Predictions 

I’ve always considered the Royal Rumble to be the official kick off to Wrestlemania season, meaning it always feels like a big deal. Even in years when the build up has been terrible, the excitement never dies. It’s that one time of the year fans are praying that their favourite superstar can make some noise… Continue reading Royal Rumble Preview & Predictions 


NXT Takeover: San Antonio – Predictions & Preview (Jan.27)

I apologize to any of my readers that were expecting a review for Impact. The previous two weeks have been busy for me, and it’s affected the Impact Insider the most for the website. As for this week, I strictly wanted to focus on WWE and the Rumble weekend. Roderick Strong vs Andrade Almas In… Continue reading NXT Takeover: San Antonio – Predictions & Preview (Jan.27)


On to the NXT One – Polar/Grizzly Bear Edition (Jan. 26)

Honestly, if you plan on watching Takeover, just assume last week’s episode was the go home show. There wasn’t much about this edition of NXT that furthered any sort of plot. Ember Moon vs Liv Morgan From the very start, this match was extremely fluid. Liv Morgan isn’t known as an in ring technician, but… Continue reading On to the NXT One – Polar/Grizzly Bear Edition (Jan. 26)


The Smackdown Scoop – “First Lady of WWE” Edition

If you weren’t satisfied with Raw, I’d highly recommend watching Smackdown to excite yourself for the Rumble. Once again, it told many stories that fans should look forward to being progressed on Sunday. Opening Segment I thought this was a great way to open the show. The chemistry between Miz and Bryan is perfect, so… Continue reading The Smackdown Scoop – “First Lady of WWE” Edition