Impact Insider – TND Edition (Dec.16)


If you haven’t seen it yet, just go watch the show. It was a thing of beauty.

Opening Segment

Wow. I was utterly speechless when I initially saw the opening news segment. It was creative, and it fully added to the ambience this show was trying to create. The Itchweed appearance was a great touch, and I was dying of laughter when the news caption referred to him as a “local landscaping enthusiast”.

King Maxell vs Rockstar Spudd

As for the pre match promo, it didn’t pick up until Rockstar Spudd made his way out. He played an excellent heel for the message Hardy conveyed. While Hardy and his son were receiving cheers, it was amazing to see how Spudd was able to turn those into boos for himself.

I love how the match played out. It was a solid way to keep the crowd hot and make the Hardys look strong before entering Apocalypto.

Sienna vs ODB

Did Sienna ever receive a rematch for the Knockouts title after she dropped it during the summer? As I recall, she didn’t, so it’s only logical for her to request a title match against Rosemary.

Initially, I didn’t think I’d care to Sienna wrestle ODB, but this turned out to be an entertaining match. It was goofy and funny, hence why the live crowd loved it. Since Vanguard 1 is only a drone, it’s role in the show is quite limited, but it was used perfectly in this contest.

Itchweeed vs Chet Sterling 

Jeff Hardy has done a brilliant job at getting Itchweeed over within the past few months, so that character deserved a spot on this show. This allowed for us to get a better understanding of the gimmick. In terms the action, the match was a good length and it was thoroughly entertaining.

Lashely vs Eddie Edwards

This felt like the odd match out in this particular show. Considering how it was for the title, there should’ve been some kind of advertising for it. I understand this was shot separately from the other Impact episodes, but that’s where TNA needs to get their sh*t together for continuity purposes.

The match itself was pretty good. These two have proven in the past that they have chemistry, and they showcased that once again. Given how this was a different environment, it was great to see how they adapted so well. In fact, the highlight of this was easily the use of the crowd. That allowed for everything to feel much more realistic.

The strong pacing of this match actually made me forget about how predictable it really was(in terms of the title switching hands). This made it easier for them to tradition into the planned finish. Having this continue as a brawl (essentially ending the match) kept both competitors looking strong.

Tag Team Apocalypto 

In this Apocalypto story, we the fans are lead to believe there’s a natural disaster coming, and somehow the TNA tag division proceeds to work a match. Also, we have to assume that Crazy Steve and Abyss literally murdered two people. Yes, it’s extremely campy, but it’s what makes this type of presentation entertaining.

The over the top action is what made the previous Hardy Compound brawls successful, and thankfully it was present for this match. There wasn’t a single spot that didn’t include extra theatrics. In a world where most of pro wrestling is taken seriously, stuff like this is quite refreshing. In particular the spot with Skarsgard (the boat) was an absolute treat. Along with that, the cherry picker brawl was also a nice touch.

My favourite aspect about this match was how every team was given a mini story. These narratives carried the flow, and I think that’s why this moved as smooth as it did. Also, every POV was consistently moving and growing, making this wrestling match feel more like a movie. The addition of Lashley and Edwards worked in terms of tying the entire show together. They were never a focal point, but the small bits we did see gave the match more of a wild look.

From start to finish, this was truly a spectacle that every wrestling fan should watch. TNA has found a strength in 2016, and that’s creating matches like this. This is why it was fitting for the show to end with the Hardys standing tall.


For what it was supposed to be, this edition of Impact was amazing. It stayed true to the Broken Matt theme, and I’m impressed with how they accomplished that. Nothing on this show felt stale. There was no low point, and the high point was obviously the main event. Overall, I give TND a 9.5/10.


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