Impact Insider (Dec.9)


I hate to say it, but this episode was mainly filler. There wasn’t much that felt important, and nothing about this promoted next week’s special show.

Opening Segment

Moose hasn’t cut many promos since his TNA debut, and that made this feel a whole lot more special. It felt genuine, and I’m sure much of that came from his heart. My only gripe with his promo was hearing the words “fighting champion”. Within the past year or so, that phrase has been used too often in pro wrestling, especially in TNA.

Since Galloway has been off of TV since late September, I had completely forgotten that he was on the TNA roster. However, it was a pleasant surprise to see him interrupt Moose. To top off his surprise, he cut a fluid promo and made logic out of his challenge.

With Moose and Galloway creating an intense segment, I applaud Rex for finding a way to stand out. His promo was the sharpest, and it may have been the best one he cut since arriving to TNA.

Moose vs Aron Rex

While Rex did cut a strong promo, it became fairly obvious that this match was done to get him out of the way. I find that to be unfortunate because he’s finally hit his stride, and I believe he would’ve been a great addition to the Moose-Galloway feud. It’s fair to say that Rex could’ve provided that program with some flavour.

Match wise, I wasn’t invested. It would’ve been stupid to have the title switch hands within a week, and that made this contest quite predictable.

Mandrews vs Aiden O’Shea

This was certainly wasn’t a filler match, but I didn’t believe it was the best follow up of Mandrews’ heel turn. Having him pick up the win was great for keeping him relevant, but I believe a promo of some sort would’ve been better. As a fan, I want to hear him address his actions from last week.

Mahabali Shera & Al Snow vs The Tribunal 

For the past few weeks I always forget that this is a story on TNA television. That’s probably attributed to the fact that I don’t care. As a mid-low card feud, the writers haven’t done anything to make this intriguing. Also, a stipulation match such as this should be given some sort of promotion. This basically came from nowhere.

Hardys Promo

I actually found it strange how this was the only promotion of next week’s episode. If I were part of TNA’s writing committee, I’d be treating Total Non-Stop Deletion as a PPV caliber event. Its been one of the more anticipated TNA shows, so this episode should’ve been built around promoting it.

I loved everything about Matt’s promo, as I love everything the he’s been doing this year. The only thing that confused me was the interruption from Decay. While DCC cut a video promo about the Hardys, it seemed like Decay essentially answered the open challenge. I believe it would’ve been more effective to have several tag teams interrupt the Hardys, because that gives the fans a sense that any team can challenege for the titles next week.

Laurel Van Ness vs Allie

In terms of in ring action, this wasn’t anything spectacular, but it wasn’t highly entertaining from a drama perspective. Even though Allie was the main focus, but Laurel deserves a ton of credit for selling her frustration. After this match was over, I can easily say I was satisfied by it. It accomplished everything needed to move this program further. Allie’s feud with Maria won’t be over until the meet in the ring, but this was just a great moment in a program that’s been properly booked over time.

On a side not, Bennett’s run in had me laughing, even though that wasn’t the point. With the Miracle out of the main event picture, I’ve enjoyed his role as TNA’s resident sh*t disturber.

EC3 vs Eddie Edwards

Once this match started, I realized that the main title feud hasn’t been entertaining in quite some time. This match up in particular came across as dull. It lacked intrigue, as there wasn’t any substance behind it. Also, did it need to go nearly 20 minutes for the finish they presented? That was simply too long, especially for a contest that only told the story of two competitors being evenly matched. Don’t get me wrong, the work rate was strong, but the main event always needs to be more than that. We live in a time where wrestling fans are guaranteed to see good matches several times a week, so the story always comes  first.

Considering how TND is coming up next week, this event slot would’ve been better suited to promote that show.


It always pains me to write a bad review on episodes of Impact. For those of you that haven’t figured out, it’s always been my escape from WWE programming. I always try to find the positives in each episode, but that wasn’t the case this week. In terms of overall story progression, it was kept to a minimal. Also, with next week being a special episode, the people in charge of TNA did a horrible job at giving the fans more reasons to tune in. The low point of the show was Shera & Snow vs Tribunal, while the high point was Allie vs Van Ness. Overall, this show deserves a 4/10.


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