Impact Insider – “Hit Grado’s Music!” Edition (Dec.2)


Last week’s episode of Impact felt quite meaningful, and a lot happened. With that being said, I wasn’t expecting much from this show because of that reason. It turns out, just as much occurred on this show.

Aron Rex vs Moose

Rex cut a short, but simple promo before the match. It worked for his heel character, and it’s great to see him in a position where he’s more comfortable. The highlight didn’t occur in the match, but instead it occurred when Rex reacted to Moose answering the open challenge.

Did anybody expect Moose to win this match? I for sure didn’t. It was shocking, but I liked it. The bookers over at TNA have done a lot with Moose since his debut, and he’s very deserving of a significant run. It was also a great way to hook the viewers watching at home.

DCC Promo

DCC’s current theme song is absolute garbage, because it completely takes away from their image. Along with that, their promo was terrible to say the least. Why do they need robotic voices when cutting in ring promos? We know what James Storm sounds like, so are we supposed to believe he can change his voice? That was the low part of this segment, as it did improve.

After seeing Matt regain his memories, this was truly a feel good moment. TNA has done a brilliant job at making the fans want more of Matt, and that craving was satisfied in this segment. Also, hearing Jeff cut Matt’s signature “I knew you’d come” line made me mark out quite a bit.

Braxton Sutter vs Mandrews vs DJ Z

The story for this match was heavily forced. Ever since the three formed a team, the writing staff for Impact is insisting that we recognize them as “best friends”. Sometimes stuff like that works better if it’s organic.

In terms of the work rate, this contest had a smooth flow. Even though somebody was always outside of the ring, it was hardly noticeable. These three can do a lot of exciting moves in the ring, however the highlight of this match was DJ Z knocking Mandrews off of the skateboard. It was such a simple spot, yet it was quite funny.

DJ Z keeping the title felt like it was the right decision. As of right now, there’s not many wrestlers in the X-Division that are over, so a title change wouldn’t have made any sense.

Maria/Allie Promo

This promo turned out to be a lot better than I had expected. Since the Maria-Allie drama has been going on for so long, this segment felt cathartic in many ways. While Allie did throw a pie at Maria last week, the slap was more satisfying. Also, the feud over Braxton Sutter has been nice side story in Allie’s overall narrative.

DCC vs The Hardys

Did anybody else find this match to be completely boring? After everything that’s happened between the two teams, I was expecting there to be something more. There should’ve at least been a stipulation because the hatred is strong. This was nothing more than a simple tag match.

Now that the Hardys defeated DCC clean, I can’t imagine how much more is left in this feud. However, that doesn’t mean this story won’t continue next week on Impact.

EC3/Eddie Edwards Promo

Now that EC3 has “taken away” Eli Drake’s voice, what’s the punishment if Drake refuses to oblige? That was the only thing I could think of while Edwards and Carter were speaking. They should’ve truly ironed out the details of that stipulation.

The actual segment was decent, and it was essentially a typical babyface vs babyface promo. It’s worth noting that Carter carried the conversation.

Jade vs Rosemary

Now that the WWE is officially referring to their female talent as women instead of divas, maybe TNA should follow suit. Seeing two women such as Jade and Rosemary competing for the “Knockout’s” title seems backwards. Both of them have characters and are much more than just “knockouts”. Also, neither of the two are marketed as model types.

Complaining aside, the two competitors did a swell job at hooking the audience from the start. It was great to see that neither of them held back and stayed true to the stipulation. Along with that, the actual wrestling felt stiff, which added to the intensity of the match. With that being, I marked quite hard when Jade dove from the top of the cage. I didn’t think she’d actually jump, so once she did I was rather surprised.

Crowning Rosemary as the champ was definitely a good call. She’s been a tremendous performer this year and it’s time that she plays a bigger role other than being the valet for Decay. Speaking of Decay, having them act as henchmen for the new champ will certainly give them new life.


This turned out to be a solid show, with very few meaningless spots. Like most episodes of Impact, most stories were progressed and they were left in a good position to be continued next week. The low point of the show was the DCC promo, while the high point was the main event. Overall, I’ll give this episode of Impact a 7/10.



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