On to the NXT One (Nov.24)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

If you watched Takeover on Saturday, you can skip through most of the show. However, I do recommend watching the matches that were taped for this episode.

Rich Swann vs Kona Reeves/No Way Jose vs Eric Young

The wrestling portion of this was rather boring, but the interference from Sanity wasn’t. We don’t know their motivation behind attacking the two competitors, but it made this opening match more entertaining. With the added promo, Eric Young was able to add another layer to his character.

During the beat down of Rich Swann, I could only think about where his friend, Jose, was. Thankfully he did eventually make his way out, because that would’ve been quite the plot hole. Overall, this match/beat down segment worked perfectly. Usually post-Takeover episode don’t give much in terms of storytelling, but this showed otherwise.

Liv Morgan, Ember Moon, & Aliya vs Billie Kay, Peyton Royce, & Daria Berenato

Berenato was an odd fit for the team that she was one, but it worked. Kay and Royce knew exactly how to play off her character during the backstage segments and the actual match. While we’ve seen Daria once before, I still find her in ring style refreshing. There’s male wrestlers that utilize MMA inspired styles, but it’s unique to see it from a female wrestler.

This obviously wasn’t the smoothest six women tag, although it still came across as entertaining. Aliya and Liv did a decent job at working a majority of the match, which allowed for Moon’s hot tag to feel exciting. Along with that, Ember’s top rope stunner looked incredible in terms of how the camera caught it. The move itself was sloppy, but the positioning of the camera made it appear as a surprise for the home viewer.


As a mentioned above, these post-Takeover episodes don’t exactly deliver a lot of content. I’m actually surprised that the two matches included any form of¬†storytelling. There wasn’t a low point, but I can’t exactly say there was a high point. I can’t say this show was a waste of time, so I’ll go ahead and give it a neutral 5/10.


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