The Smackdown Scoop – Go Sens Go Edition (Nov.23)


Survivor Series weekend felt quite hectic, but Smackdown didn’t. In fact, this show was simply fun, and at most times I forgot I was watching a wrestling show.

Opening Segment

For the most part, Shane’s promo was rather lame. It didn’t actually change too much when Ambrose made his way out. While the Shield reunion was great at the time, I thought it was amazing how Shane addressed it. Honestly, it would’ve been illogical for them to not mention it.

It was great to hear that Ellsworth was given a contract, but much of that part dragged. In that sense, this promo didn’t go anywhere until AJ came out. There’s absolutely nothing better than him berating Ellsworth. I didn’t think they’d go through the ladder match, but I marked out when Shane announced it. Here’s the thing, the main event doesn’t need to always be excellent in terms of work rate, it just needs to be entertaining.

The Miz vs Kalisto

I had completely forgotten about Corbin until JBL mentioned his name. At that point, it was fairly obvious that Kalisto was not leaving Smackdown as the IC champ.

The action in this match was decent, but I actually found the commentary to be the highlight. Hearing the insults and praises for the Miz had me laughing for the entire contest.

As I mentioned earlier, it was obvious the Corbin would interfere in some way. With that being said, this reincarnation of their feud is a lot more entertaining than what they first presented.

Shane McMahon/Ambrose/Lynch Backstage Segment

This segment made Smackdown seem like the cool and modern work place within the WWE. It was so cheesy that I loved it. It gave the fans the idea that Smackdown isn’t as up tight as Raw.

Tag Team Turmoil 

Even though nobody cares about the Hype Bros and the Ascension, both teams did a tremendous job at making the first few minutes exciting. The ringside brawl did a lot for making this more entertaining.

It was great to see that AA ran through two teams quickly, because it allowed for the match to move faster. That allowed for them to create more action with the Usos. It was spectacular, and it felt highly unpredictable.

Normally we see Chad Gable making the hot tag to Jason Jordan, but it was refreshing to see it the other way around. Based on Gable’s past, it’s highly believable that he can kick some serious ass. Towards the end I’m glad both teams teased a possible win.

It was great to see AA pick up a strong win, and I thought it was awesome how the Wyatts got involved. Based on the current story, it doesn’t make sense to throw Bray into the main event, so it’s fine for him to be preoccupied with the tag division.

Becky Lynch vs Natalya

I didn’t expect much from this match, but these two delivered. The in ring action wasn’t too exciting, however it was extremely fluid. The highlight of this match occurred early on, and it was Natalya’s sit down powerbomb. I don’t think anybody thought that would occur in this contest.

The finish made sense, and Bliss’ post match attack was effective. Even though we see stuff like that often, the execution was done well. It also helped that Alexa was brilliant on commentary.

Kane vs Baron Corbin

Initially I thought this was a waste, but I worked extremely well for the Corbin-Kalisto feud. Kane and Corbin didn’t wrestle much, which gave Kalisto the chance to get his revenge. Overall, this was very much a useful segment.

AJ Styles vs James Ellsworth

Did anybody ever believe that AJ’s first ladder match in the WWE would be against Ellsworth? It’s strange how things play out. Also, this is the third time they’ve squared off within the past month, and I’m still not sick of it.

There’s just something special about Ellsworth being bullied by Styles. Bullying isn’t something new to pro wrestling, but it just feels too natural between the two competitors.

As a Sens fan, seeing Dean show up in a Sens jersey was the highlight of my night. Since the Sens won last night, it only made matters better.

I was actually watching this with a friend, and he didn’t think AJ could lose. Well, I reassured him that James had a history of beating Styles. I absolutely love how they find a way to continue this trend. It’s possibly the best thing going on in WWE.


I was at Raw live on Monday, but after seeing this show, I wish I went to Ottawa. Everything about this episode told a linear story, and I couldn’t be more entertained. TLC is shaping up to be a strong PPV. There was no low point, but the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this show a 9/10.

2 thoughts on “The Smackdown Scoop – Go Sens Go Edition (Nov.23)

  1. I am just worried that all the matches announced so far are a repeat of no mercy. Bliss v lynch, ziggler v miz, ambrose v styles and carmella v nikki. But do like the direction wyatt. Out of kayfabe i wonder it the wyatt family stuff will is precorded to randy can be at the birth.

    But loved the humour in this show.

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  2. Reblogged this on Wrestling Dreams and commented:
    I do agree it was a stronger show, but James is being pushed too much too hard. Is not fun for most fans it seems from what I gather online.

    Hate how the main event is in limbo because of this. Ambrose shouldn’t be in it at this point and nothing else is going on.


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