Survivor Series – Review & Analysis (Nov.21)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

If you haven’t watched Survivor Series yet, just pretend it ended after the men’s Raw vs Smackdown match.

Raw Women’s Team vs Smackdown Women’s Team

The decision to insert Natalya into the match was very smart. She’s the only Canadian in the women’s roster, and she was obviously going to receive some sort of pop. However, it’s obvious that Natalya was the one to attack Nikki.

I was extremely shocked how Carmella was the first one to be eliminated. I thought for sure it would be Alicia Fox. With that being said, Fox was the second to be eliminated after Bliss took her out with ease. I truly thought Bliss came out with the most development in this match. Of course the normal big names looked strong (Charlotte, Sasha, Becky, & Bayley) but Alexa was booked to be on their level.

Once team Smackdown was cut down to Becky and Alexa, the intensity grew rapidly. I had no idea how Jax would be eliminated, and the second she tapped out, I marked out. Let’s be honest, I’m sure most people were expecting her to take a DQ or count out elimination.

I’m not sure if having Bayley (non champ) pin Becky (champ) was the best choice. The last three that were left worked perfectly, but it may have been more logical to have Charlotte pick up the pin.


Sami Zayn vs The Miz

For some reason I was truly expecting some sort of twist in the opening of this match. It seemed like the perfect time to include a twist into the show.

These two have had the least amount of build for this PPV. In that sense, it was difficult to get invested. Maybe in hindsight, it would’ve been smarter to give these two some screen time (meaning having the Miz win the title before last Smackdown).

I don’t think I truly cared about anything until the very end. Most of us were definitely expecting the Miz to cheat somehow, but I thought the fake bell was creative.


Raw Tag Teams vs Smackdown Tag Teams

As Torontonian, it was great to hear the references Enzo made. Even though most of his reference were about Drake, they were still funny.

I’m glad they took the route of eliminating teams instead of individuals. That allowed for this to move faster and smoother. Considering how over the New Day is, was it the smartest idea to eliminate them early on? That was a questionable decision in my opinion.

It was difficult to get every team a chance to shine, but somehow that happened. However, there were a few slow moments. After the first five minutes, the match lost a ton of steam. Once it came down to the Usos vs Sheamus and Cesaro, the intensity felt real. I couldn’t believe how close the action felt at that point. Overall, the finish was solid, and fit into the entire Cesaro-Sheamus angle.


Brian Kendrick vs Kalisto 

Even though the Cruiserweight division hasn’t meant anything, the idea of them moving shows felt like a big deal. Also Kendrick did an awesome job at building this on the pre show. His interaction with Kalisto showed why he currently is the champ and most talented wrestler in the division.

Match wise, the in ring action was pretty strong. Kendrick and Kalisto built instant chemistry, which was impressive considering how they haven’t wrestled before. Along with that, their characters are complete opposites and that worked well in telling a story.

I don’t know what others thought of the finish, but I loved it. It completely made sense for Corbin to come out and cost Kalisto the match. This way Kendrick wins through cheap means, and the Corbin-Kalisto feud is advanced.


Raw Men’s Team vs Smackdown Men’s Team

This should’ve very well been the main event. Coming out of this week it had more steam than any other feud. However, I knew the WWE was doing their best to push Brock vs Goldberg over everything else.

While it was great to see Seth and Dean lock horns early on, the highlight of the first half was Jericho telling Ambrose how much he owed him. Y2J overall did a brilliant job at carrying a lot of the drama.
The one thing I was was worried about was Shane coming across as a threat. Well, thankfully that wasn’t the case, as Shane took a huge ass whoopin from Team Raw. I can respectfully say that I take back much of my intial complaining. That must also be an indication that Shane himself knows he shouldn’t be able to hang with these men.

The moment McMahon put Strowman through the table, I lost my mind. However, it was tough to take that in, because the rest of the competitors just continued to brawl. It was around these few moments that this match had become all out war.

The big elbow drop was great, but was hardly as entertaining as Jericho’s reaction to what Owens did to the list. He sold that heartbreak tremendously, and it’ll definitely be addressed on Raw. After the time and effort he put into that list, it was tough to not feel bad for him.

Since the Shield was split up, seeing them reunite was a big deal. It also made sense, because Dean wanted to screw AJ after what happened earlier. The live crowd was going nuts, and it had me on the edge of my seat. Now that the brand split is in full effect, moments like this will mean much more.

The finish to this match was done perfectly in two different ways. It created another layer in Orton’s relationship with Wyatt, and it reminded the fans that Wyatt is still a force on the top card. It appears the story for the eater of worlds is about to grow larger than it currently is.

Side note: Shane deserves a ton of credit for how he wrestled in this match. He doesn’t need to get involved in the matches, yet he does and never holds back. It appears that he was injured in this match, and hopefully everything with him is fine.


Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg

Well this match was absolute garbage. Consider this to be the modern day finger poke of doom.

The live crowd seemed to love what happened, and I’m pretty confused as to why. If Brock losing was the plan from the start, why not use smoke and mirrors to give the fans something more? It doesn’t matter how dominant Lesnar has been, he’s accomplished too much to go down the way he did. In my opinion, it felt like a waste. Does this mean Goldberg is higher up on the food chain than everybody else Lesnar has defeated?

So often fans clamour for strong storytelling and consistent narratives, but this was the complete opposite.



I was actually looking into getting tickets for this show, and I’m glad I decided to get them for Raw instead. Most of the matches were decent, but that ending just ruined everything. Along with that, the men’s Raw vs Smackdown match should have been the main event. It was too hot to leave as the second last one on the card. There’s an issue when the WWE can’t trust it’s top 10 guys to headline a big four PPV. The low point was the main event, while the high point was the men’s Raw vs Smackdown match. Overall, I give this show a 5/10 (that main event brought the overall score down quite a bit)

As mentioned, I’ll be going to Raw, so I won’t be able to write a review. I’ll be back on Tuesday for Smackdown.

7 thoughts on “Survivor Series – Review & Analysis (Nov.21)

  1. Reblogged this on Wrestling Dreams and commented:
    I knew the main event was going to dissapoint, but that was even worse than I expected.

    As I predicted, an average show not worth the time watching.

    I would have been so mad if I attended.


  2. I actually thought that was he perfect ending. Goldberg was the original dominate big man well before Brock Lesnar. Goldberg was the beast when WCW was was beating WWE. Not to mention WWE got a lot of heat for the way they handled Sting. Brock Lesnar has been boring as hell as of late and needed to beat in dominate fashion. Not to mention Goldberg hasn’t wrestled in years and you risked a terrible match if it went longer. Based on the reaction from the crowd they loved it too. Goldberg has more of a passion and appreciation for the business and you can tell he’s grateful to be back. Lesnar is still the asshole he’s always been happy to collect his $6 million dollar salary.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. To each their own. It’s difficult to say who has more passion for the business, because it’s not like Goldberg came back on a discount.

      At the same time, they bury most of the main roster by having a super part-timer take out “the final boss”. I get the star power behind Goldberg, but that Lesnar loss, in my opinion, would’ve been better suited for another babyface on the roster. After booking Brock for a long term payoff, this match ended with short term thinking.


  3. Yeah I agree with that assessment but I feel if they wrestled a long match it would have been terrible. At the end of day Goldberg was Brock before Brock and I figured he’d win but not like that. But I agree with you they mishandle stars all the time. I also feel this ended quick because of how long the previous match took. But a long match between Brock and Goldberg would have been boring as hell after the previous.

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  4. Elimanating new day early gets other teams over. Given people are getting bored of them, it gives space to build other teams in the spotlight.

    Brock failed drug test from ufc early might be biting him in the arse. There are so many direction this can take and unlike the shit finish summerslam with randy this might be taken somewhere. Goldberg v roman(herl turn required) after goldberg ties elimanation record at rumble. Goldberg v rusev establishing rusev as a monster again. Goldberg v Taker with Taker going over. Goldberg v Shane and triple h

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  5. I agree with the Summerslam ending. That was terrible! But I’m so damn tired of seeing Brock Lesnar dominate. He’s not that captivating to me. I’d rather see him in UFC. Goldberg’s entrance gave me chills when he came back as it took me back to my young teenage days.


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