NXT Takeover: Toronto – Predictions and Preview (Nov.18)


I found it very strange to be typing out predictions for a Takeover that’ll occur in Toronto. As a Torontonian, I’m not used to the WWE holding large events here.

The Revival vs DIY

DIY has been chasing these belts and the Revival for quite sometime now. This feud has been going on since the summer, but it’s incredible how it hasn’t become stale. Along with that, the booking staff has done a wonderful job at making the tag titles feel important. I don’t even remember the last time that was case on the main roster.

After this show is over, one of these two teams is main roster bound. I almost expect it to be the Revival heading to Raw, as that brand is hurting in its tag division. With that being said, DIY will most likely emerge as the victors.

Winner: DIY

Authors of Pain vs TM61

The stipulation for this match is odd. It was essentially based off a toy set, and I don’t think anybody assumed that it would ever come to life. Why couldn’t Paul Ellering just be banned from ringside? I’m sure security wouldn’t have a difficult time holding him back if he decided to run out. Regardless of that, this should be a fun match to watch. It may not steel the show, but these two teams will most likely put forth a ton of fast paced action.

In terms of the winner, I’m sure many people are predicting the Authors of Pain to emerge victorious. However, I don’t feel that’ll be the case. While the monster tag team has been directionless since their debut, they’re still a threat in the NXT tag division. Even if they lose this match, that wouldn’t change how they’re viewed. On the other hand, TM61 actually needs the win. It’s crucial that NXT builds another credible team, and this is their chance to do so.

Winner: TM61

Bobby Roode vs Tye Dillinger

Knowing WWE booking, Bobby Roode should lose this match because he’s performing in his home town. Jokes aside, this has been a well booked midcard feud. Usually Tye Dillinger is used to make new comers look strong, but that’s not the story for this match. He now has a reason to be involved in a feud, and I believe he’s doing a great job as the babyface.

For some reason, I don’t foresee these two putting on a strong match. In fact, it could be the weakest one on the show. However, it hasn’t happened yet, so I can’t be to sure. In terms of the winner, except Bobby to go over. Toronto will be going crazy over him, and it would be a shame if he couldn’t celebrate a win.

Mickie James vs Asuka

This is simply a place holder feud for Asuka. Along with that, it may be the coldest build up she’s ever had for a Takeover. It’s great to see James back in a WWE ring, but I fully believe they could’ve done more to promote her return other than airing one video promo.

Considering how James hasn’t signed a full time contract, the outcome of this match is quite predictable.

Winner: Asuka

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Samoa Joe

This feud has been all Samoa Joe. He’s carried it and has made it entertaining throughout the past few weeks. Based on the build up, I’d actually like to see how Shinsuke will hold up against his next opponent in NXT. At this point, he hasn’t added much apart from being a great wrestler.

Like many fans, I’m predicting for Joe to make his main roster debut within the next week, so he won’t be recapturing the NXT title. However, we should expect a strong match from these two, and they can very easily steal the show.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura


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