Impact Insider (Nov.18)


For the most part, everything about this episode was executed in a simple way. There was nothing too convoluted about it, and it worked well for setting up future stories.

Opening Segment

Based on the events of last week, I thought Eddie had the appropriate reaction. This may have been the most passionate promo we’ve seen from him in quite sometime.

Even though DCC had revealed themselves last week, it was great to see that they still aired the same vignettes/promos before entering. Those black and white videos do justice for their characters, and it’s crucial they don’t drop the act soon after the reveal. Once this segment played out, the fans were given a lot to look forward to. Hopefully the run in from Jeff Hardy means we’ll see a six man tag including Matt sometime in the near future.

Jesse Godderz vs Aron Rex

Who cares about Jesse Godderz? This creative staff hasn’t given anybody a reason to care about his character, and he’s extremely vanilla. Seeing him in the Grand Championship picture for this long is annoying. It didn’t feel significant, very much like their first match. It’s just unfortunate we may have to see these two wrestle for a third time.

Gail Kim/Rosemary Recap

If TNA can learn one thing from the WWE, it’s how to condense their recaps. We were basically given the entire promo that happened last week. They could’ve easily cut out the bit with Gail and Jade.

Laurel Van Ness & Sienna vs Brandi Rhodes & Madison Rayne

Brandi choosing Madison Rayne was somewhat underwhelming. It’s like they wanted to make Rhodes’ partner a big deal, but since Rayne has been quite cold, it fell flat. Apart from that, I believe Rayne was the best person to help Brandi. Not from a story perspective, but from an in ring perspective. Rhodes is still quite green, so she needed a veteran to help carry her through a match like this. Honestly, I thought that was done seamlessly.

The only rough part about this was Sienna selling for Brandi. The size difference between the two is noticeable, so hopefully they can figure out something better for Rhodes moving forward.

Matt Hardy Vignette 

Like I said two weeks ago, if anybody can play the amnesia angle, it’s this incarnation of Matt Hardy. It’s amazing how he found a way to keep his character the same with an added twist. Each of these packages got better as the show went on.

Mike Bennett vs EC3 vs Bobby Lashley vs  Trevor Lee

I love how TNA will push whoever they have on their current roster, but sometimes they just don’t know how to do it properly. I know I didn’t write a piece last week, but after seeing that episode I truly questioned why Trevor Lee had a spot here. Did anybody believe he’d come out as the victor? Had they given him a slight push within the past weeks, I may have thought otherwise.

As a fatal four way, this moved slow. There weren’t many strong points during the start or middle that felt intense or impactful. Sure, the finish will always be exciting, but it’s essential that excitement can be carried for an entire match.  It didn’t help that Lashley spent a good part of this laying outside the ring.

The one spot in this match that looked incredible was Bennett’s pair on spine busters which was was followed by Lashley’s spine buster. The finishing sequence wasn’t bad, but they truly missed a good chance of giving the win to Bennett. Eddie has yet to face a heel like the miracle, and that would’ve been more fresh than seeing babyface vs babyface. The choice of having EC3 win seemed like it was done for the Fact of Life.

The Fact of Life w/EC3

After a questionable match, the Fact of Life was much needed. Considering how both men are strong on the mic, this promo worked out well. Both Drake and EC3 have great chemistry, and every mic battle between them is worth seeing. The stipulation that was set for their match was unique. Has anybody ever put their voice on the line? It’s strange, but I loved it.

Bastille Baraka vs Mahabali Shera

It’s awesome how the announce teamwill  continuously boost the status of Shera, but he hasn’t actually won a match in quite sometime. With that being said, I was shocked that he left the match as the winner. It was a decent change of pace for his character, and the after math of this has now given him some sort of direction.

DCC vs Jeff Hardy & Eddie Edwards

Initially I was under the impression that this would be a normal tag match, with one member of DCC standing at ringside. Well, I’m glad it wasn’t because the all out chaos they presented was much more fun to watch.

DCC obviously had the numbers advantage, and that was used well in order for them to look dominant. The lack of rules added to their strong presence, and it showed the audience that this trio isn’t a joke. This allowed for them to showcase their agenda of not caring about what happens. However, it was still crucial that the babyface team was able to put up some sort of fight.

I thought the suplex from Edwards to the unknown member of DCC into the chairs was a great spot, but it wasn’t nearly brutal as the apron DDT into the table from Bram. Overall, this match was perfectly executed. We now have a group that’s shown how threatening they can be, which allows for the fans to wonder how they can be dealt with.


I say this quite often about many TNA shows, but this was the perfect example of a build up episode. Everything that was done this week created a few stories/angles that will be crucial moving forward in the Impact Narrative. There were still a few questionable calls, but hopefully those will be ironed out for next week. The low point of the show was Rex vs Godderz, while the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.

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