On to the NXT One (Nov.17)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

If you didn’t watch NXT this week, just pretend last week’s episode was the go home show.

Liv Morgan vs Peyton Royce

They truly cooled this feud down. At this point, I can’t say it was something I cared to see. However, the in ring action wasn’t so bad. The two demonstrated believable distain for one another, and it came across well.

Since this feud hasn’t been on television for a while, I had completely forgotten that Aliya had also gotten involved. After Ember Moon made the save for the other two babyfaces, it made me wonder why Aliya even came out. It almost made no sense. Either way, it allowed Moon to look strong, and it got the crowd going.

Elias Samson vs Nathan Crew

I’m not going to lie, I’ve slightly missed Elias’ presence on NXT. I know that I’ve given his character a ton of flack, but his return reminded me how shallow the roster was in terms of different personalities. Also it was great to hear Corey Graves completely destroy him. I can’t say I cared for this match though.

Andrade “Cien “Almas vs Cedric Alexander

This was another feud that quickly cooled down after Cien’s heel turn. There was no doubt that the work rate would be strong, but it was just difficult to care about the end result.

While the program between the two was cold, I must applaud Almas for embracing this heel character. It actually suits him much more, and he doesn’t come across as vanilla as he once did. Alexander on the other hand didn’t feel like anything special. He initially created a lot of buzz when he debuted on Raw and after his first match with Almas, but it’s worn off. Unlike Swann, Perkins, Dorado, Kendrick, and a few other cruiserweights, Cedric was become invisible.

Overall, they went with the right finish. Cien was deserving of the win as he’ll mean more to NXT’s narrative moving forward.


Hey, I get that this was taped a few weeks back, but does that seriously mean they can’t do more for a go home show. I’m pretty sure Takeover will be a strong PPV, but as of right now I’m not too excited. Sure, they aired some video packages, but that was just lazy. Instead we were given some cold programs that haven’t been brought up in weeks. Why not save the Joe/Nakamura contract signing for this show? The entire show was a low point except the neat return of Elias (never thought I’d say that). Overall, I give this episode a 2/10.



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