Raw Rollup – Scarf of Jericho (Nov.15)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

For the most part, this episode was really drawn out. It felt a lot longer than three hours, and at times that completely took me out of the show. However, there were still some good moments from this show.

Opening Segment

For some reason, this segment felt much longer than it really was. Those six minutes seemed more like twenty minutes.

This was mainly about announcing the matches, and there wasn’t really anything of importance. It was entertaining to see Foley do Enzo’s signature dance.

Kevin Owens & Roman Reigns vs Cesaro & Sheamus

I very much enjoyed the reasoning behind this match. It made perfect sense to put Roman and Owens on the same team, as they need to build chemistry (kayfabe wise). It sucks that Cesaro and Sheamus had to do the job for them, but it completely worked. Along with this, I thought the match itself was strong. The pacing was effective, and the competitors managed to tell the story they needed to.

Chris Jericho/Seth Rollins/Braun Strowman Backstage Promo

After watching this segment, I knew nothing else could top it on this show. Chris Jericho continues to find ways to outdo himself, and this promo proved that.

Bo Dallas vs Sami Zayn

After building Bo Dallas up these past weeks, this match was able to be more competitive. That also meant Zayn’s win felt more important.

New Day vs Chris Jericho, Seth Rollins, & Braun Strowman

The pre match promo was essentially a promotion for merchandise, but it was pretty funny.

Much like the first match, this one was about building chemistry. Unfortunately, it wasn’t nearly as exciting. The wrestling wasn’t bad, but sometimes six man tags just feel drawn out and boring. It also didn’t help that it went through a large commercial break.

I think it would’ve been smarter for the New Day to pick up the win. It wouldn’t have to be clean, and that wouldn’t allow for the tag team champs to look like chumps.

Brian Kendrick vs Sin Cara

It’s great that they spoke about Kendrick’s upcoming match against Kalisto, but there was nothing entertaining about this. Like the tag match before it, this contest went on longer than it should’ve. I believe a quick win for Kendrick over a cold Sin Cara would’ve been wise. It would keep Brian strong before his match with Kalisto.

Goldberg/Brock Lesnar Promo

I was pretty excited to see how this segment would play out. Once it started, it was actually underwhelming. Most of this was nothing more than Heyman and Goldberg shouting, which was rather annoying. However, I did mark out when Heyman made the “daddy” comment. I thought that was absolutely hilarious, and it was a solid reason for Goldberg to freak out.

Charlotte & Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax & Alicia Fox

Originally I thought this match was counter productive, but then I changed my mind on that. Both teams were involved in their own singles feuds, so that forced them to work out their problems and work together. We were also able to witness Charlotte’s complete fear of Nia. She sold that quite well, and it did wonders for Nia’s character.

The finish of this match was strong, and I like that it didn’t just end with Sasha and Charlotte fighting. That’s been the theme for most of these Survivor Series teams, so it was refreshing to see some of these competitors get along.

The Club, Enzo Amore, & Big Cass vs Shining Stars & Golden Truth

Out of everything that was announced on this show, this was the match I was least looking forward to. There was nothing intriguing about this contest.

Like a few other matches on this go home show, this went longer than it should’ve.

Survivor Series Summit

On the surface, the idea of this segment felt shallow, but it turned out to be fun. It was great to hear the GMs and commissioners insult each other. We haven’t heard much of that since the brand split.

It was great that both teams finally got a chance to interact. Every team finally felt united, and it was pretty intense. Thankfully they didn’t attack each other right away, because the banter between the superstars was highly entertaining. Styles/Owens/Jericho were definitely the highlight of this promo. I especially couldn’t stop laughing when Chris tore apart Ellsworth.

Once the brawl had started, this feud finally got that much needed heat. The dislike between the teams felt real, and it was worth marking out for. After seeing this, I fully believe this program should main event Survivor Series.


Was it just me, or did anybody else notice how many crowd shots there were during this entire show? They could’ve been trying something new, and it was definitely noticeable. In my opinion, seeing people in the crowd during a match just doesn’t work for the television viewer.

As I’ve already mentioned, this show felt very long, however it worked decent as a go home show. I can confidently say I’m excited to watch Survivor Series this upcoming Sunday. The low point of this show was the eight man tag match, while the high point was the Survivor Series Summit. Overall, I give this episode a 6/10.


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