Impact Insider – “D*ckless” Edition (Nov.4)


While many feuds were built on this show, a few were given no attention. That’s fine though, because TNA is bound to include some filler, especially since they don’t have a PPV coming up any time soon.

Opening Segment

At first, I wasn’t quite sold on Brandi Rhodes opening the show, but she proved to be smooth on the mic. In all fairness, she is someone that’s comfortable on the mic (based on her previous WWE job) so it only makes sense that her promo ability is somewhat strong.

For weeks now, we haven’t seen Sienna. It was surprising to see her escort Maria to the ring. It would’ve been great to get an update on her during this segment. Regardless of that, Maria was the perfect person to match Brandi’s promo. It was great to see Maria and Rhodes to have such a strong back and forth. In my opinion, it come across as natural.

Jessie Godderz vs Aron Rex

I haven’t been sold on Jessie Godderz as a babyface. Considering the gimmick of the Bromans, he would definitely make a better heel. Also, the TNA creative staff hasn’t done much to make him feel like a true contender. In that sense, it was tough to believe that he could actually defeat Rex. I can’t say this match was entertaining for all three rounds.

In today’s wrestling, it’s tough for work rate to be terrible, but if the story telling isn’t strong, what’s the point? Thankfully Rex won clean, because that was the best decision. Along with that, I’m glad Aron used his “illegal finger tape” to win.

Braxton Sutter, DJ Z, & Mandrews vs Decay & Rockstar Spud vs Trevor Lee, Andrew Evertt, & Marshe Rockett 

This whole Team X Gold feels pointless. What exactly does it mean? What significance does it bring to the X Division title? Sure, the wrestling is good, but for the most part it feels like it’s in place to give all these wrestlers a purpose on the show. Last week’s match wasn’t so bad, but I don’t see this being something that can last.

Overall, this was a solid match, but nothing came from it.

Broken Hardys vs DCC

Thankfully this turned out to be a match. When DCC first came out, I thought this would just turn into a beat down angle, which would’ve been rather lame. However, with the Hardys being ambushed, it allowed for the challengers to come across as a threat.

I’m glad they wrestled a simple match and followed that into a brawl. The backstage fight between these two teams was absolutely amazing. This once again reminded us that the Hardys are on top for a reason. The lake of reincarnation was a good touch. I’m not too big on the amnesia angle, but if anybody can pull if off, it’s Matt Hardy.

 EC3/Eli Drake Promo

As good as EC3 is on the mic, it’s fair to say Drake demolished him. Eli’s insults were off the chart in this segment. I’m glad Drake didn’t take Carter’s challenge, because it made no sense. Instead, it was great to see Eli declare his cash in. That automatically gives the fans something to look forward to next week.

Lashley vs Eddie Edwards 

This episode did a great job at promoting this match. Once it came around, I was quite excited to see how it would play out.

From the very start, these two were brilliant at creating intensity. They told a great story, and that certainly made this an entertaining match. With amount of flack the commentary team receives, they were solid at pushing the hatred between the two competitors.

Considering how Eddie pulled out a rare win, it was tough to imagine him pinning Lashley clean. Lashely also gave Edwards a big enough beat down, so it was difficult to imagine the title being retained. At the same time, with Lashely dominating so much, it was easy to figure out that a come back spot was imminent. That’s fine though, because it made this match much more interesting towards the end.

The only part that didn’t make sense was the finish. It appeared the Lashley was DQed because he attacked the second ref, but then why did the first ref count to three after Eddie hit the Boston Knee Party? For a match that was so strong, the finish felt cheap. It would’ve made more sense for Edwards to win clean. In that sense, this match should’ve ended in a DQ.


Like most episodes of Impact, this one felt eventful. However, there were a few moments that confused me, as they didn’t feel logical. With that being said, they did give the fans a lot to be excited for next week. The low point of the show was the Team X Gold match, while the high point was the Hardys/DCC brawl. Overall, I give this episode a 6/10.

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