The Smackdown Scoop – Go Home Edition (Nov.30)

I know I say this a lot, but every week I still wonder how the same company can be producing such different products. This episode of Smackdown was excellent, and it did a superb job at creating hype for TLC. Opening Segment Seeing how Becky was able to talk throughout the entire opening segment, it must… Continue reading The Smackdown Scoop – Go Home Edition (Nov.30)


Raw Rollup – “Superior Breed” Edition

I’m not sure if it’s a problem with three hours, but even when Raw is entertaining it falls flat. Opening Segment/Highlight Reel I thought this version of the Highlight Reel was on par with the one we saw last week. The material was new, and it was delivered perfectly by both competitors. The Thanksgiving jokes… Continue reading Raw Rollup – “Superior Breed” Edition


The Smackdown Scoop – Go Sens Go Edition (Nov.23)

Survivor Series weekend felt quite hectic, but Smackdown didn’t. In fact, this show was simply fun, and at most times I forgot I was watching a wrestling show. Opening Segment For the most part, Shane’s promo was rather lame. It didn’t actually change too much when Ambrose made his way out. While the Shield reunion… Continue reading The Smackdown Scoop – Go Sens Go Edition (Nov.23)


Survivor Series – Review & Analysis (Nov.21)

If you haven’t watched Survivor Series yet, just pretend it ended after the men’s Raw vs Smackdown match. Raw Women’s Team vs Smackdown Women’s Team The decision to insert Natalya into the match was very smart. She’s the only Canadian in the women’s roster, and she was obviously going to receive some sort of pop.… Continue reading Survivor Series – Review & Analysis (Nov.21)


Takeover:Toronto – Review and Analysis (Nov.19)

This wasn’t the best Takeover, but by no means was it bad. Since it was happening in my hometown, I was hoping that the WWE was able to put out a good show. For the most part, the entertainment never died out for this Takeover. Bobby Roode vs Tye Dillinger How awesome was Roode’s entrance? Apart… Continue reading Takeover:Toronto – Review and Analysis (Nov.19)


NXT Takeover: Toronto – Predictions and Preview (Nov.18)

I found it very strange to be typing out predictions for a Takeover that’ll occur in Toronto. As a Torontonian, I’m not used to the WWE holding large events here. The Revival vs DIY DIY has been chasing these belts and the Revival for quite sometime now. This feud has been going on since the… Continue reading NXT Takeover: Toronto – Predictions and Preview (Nov.18)