Hell in a Cell Analysis (Oct.31)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

If I’m being fully honest, I typed out predictions for half of the show, but I just wasn’t having fun doing it. I simply didn’t care enough to finish that post, which says a lot about the build to this PPV.

Rusev vs Roman Reigns

As soon as the match started I’m glad Michael Cole spoke about the title more than anything else. That gave the viewers a sense that the feud is over the US championship. It also helped that Roman and Rusev started off with a hard hitting pace. I absolutely loved how both men had a enough momentum to look strong. A solid back and forth is important during hell in a cell matches, because nobody wants to see a full beat down followed with a comeback.

The outside spots truly gave both of them a chance to shine.  From start to finish, these two knew exactly how to work this match with the cell. Everything they did with the kendo stick was absolutely amazing because both of them looked badass while using it. They also used a ton of other weapons which translated into how much they despised each other.

This match lasted over 20 minutes, but at no point did it feel that long. Both Roman and Rusev were incredible at selling how painful the cell can be. The nearfalls were worked perfectly and they had me on the edge of my seat. I assumed Roman would win, but hey, they did a good job at making me think otherwise. Overall, this set the bar pretty high for the rest of the show.


Bayley vs Dana Brooke 

We had already seen this match two weeks ago, but it was here just so Bayley could get the win. Regardless of that, this wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I thought it was quite entertaining because it gave both women a chance to showcase their characters. I also noticed this contest was much smoother than the one they had on Raw.

Dana’s improved quite a bit since her main roster debut, and it was evident in this match. She might not be as polished as Bayley, but it’s important that she’s gotten better. Thankfully, Brooke didn’t go down easy and that keeps her strong even though she lost.


Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs The Club

Damn, Enzo and Cass never fail to deliver in their pre match promos. The Toy Story line was beautiful and it probably had everybody laughing.

Since both teams have been somewhat cold, it was difficult to invest myself into the match. By the time it started, I only cared to see how it would turn out. It was a solid match, but this was all about giving the Club another chance to look threatening. Thankfully, they did come out with the victory. While Enzo and Cass are popular, they don’t exactly need the win.


Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins

Even though Jericho wasn’t scheduled for a match, he made a great narrator for the pre match video package. In fact, the whole video package did the feud justice as it made it feel more important.

This match didn’t feel as intense as the opening match, but they certainly delivered. Since both men are two of the best in WWE, they knew how to make the most out of the cell. Everything they executed was extremely smooth, and it reminded me why they’re main eventers.

For anybody that watches Raw consistently, it was fairly obvious that Jericho was going to interfere, but I just didn’t like how he interfered. Why was the cell door open to begin with? There’s no reason that Y2J should’ve walked in that easily. Regardless of that, Jericho’s presence in the cell only made the match better. Even though he got beat down by Seth, it gave the contest a better story.

I didn’t think this match would be able to live up to the opening match, but it did. The intensity level was high, and so was the overall work rate.


Brian Kendrick vs TJ Perkins 

While the work rate was strong, this was another feud that wasn’t well built. That alone made the match somewhat bland.

There were a few good spots but the highlight of this contest was some fan saying “get a f*ucking hair cut” to Kendrick. Let’s not forget that fans will always add to the show. However, at no point did I expect the title to switch hands. The moment Kendrick won, my jaw dropped. This may the best decision for the cruiserweight division.


New Day vs Sheamus & Cesaro

Before this match started, I almost forgot it was on the card. That’s not an insult to the build, I just genuinely forgot about it. My only beef heading  into this match was how predictable it felt. There were moments where the challengers came across as strong, but I didn’t buy into it. Their resiliency after they got tied up, truly added to the story.

The DQ was actually an awesome way to end this match. The champs still snuck out a win, and the feud is given a chance to continue. Honestly, I believe this program has a lot left in it, so it deserves to go on.


Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

From the moment this match started, these two proved why they should go on last. They didn’t hold back at all, and that fully added to the intensity. Charlotte especially deserves a ton of credit for playing her role as the heel. Even though the first bit was meant to sell Sasha’s injury, Flair was amazing at being the jerk.

I’m pretty sure everybody knew that Banks’ injury was a work, but it still added to the overall story when she got up to compete. It was incredible how that spot generated such large pop from the live crowd.

As I mentioned earlier, neither competitor held back and that alone made everything about this revolutionary. When was the last time two women in the WWE went at it like these two? Along with that, much of the stuff they executed was on par to what the men did earlier. Just about everything they did felt intense, but the last five minutes were truly a thing of beauty. Charlotte spent the entire match wrestling like a heel, but she finally won in a clean fashion. That moment allowed for Flair to come across as the strongest woman in WWE’s history.



For a show that had the worst build up, this certainly delivered. Some of the matches weren’t perfect, but the main matches were excellent. The three cell matches exceeded the expectations. The low point was Enzo & Cass vs the Club, while the high point was the main event. Overall, I give this PPV a 7.8/10.

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  1. Kevin Owens blinded the ref with the fire extinguisher. The outside ref opened the cell to assist, and this gave Jericho the chance to steal the key, enter the cell and lock it.

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