Impact Insider – Treat or Delete! Edition (Oct.28)


If you’re a fan of Halloween shows, you’ll definitely enjoy this week’s episode. If you’re a fan of wrestling, you’ll also enjoy this show. Either, I’m just trying to say this was a fun episode of Impact.

Opening Segment/Hardy Compound Segments

Halloween is right around the corner, and I’m a sucker for any Halloween themed wrestling show. The corn maze segment was nice light hearted way to open the show, yet it worked for keeping the fans hooked. I didn’t know what Matt’s premonition was, but I was dying to see how it would turn out.

The opening segment was good, but the trick or treat segment took the cake, in my opinion. Watching Matt give kids green beans was absolutely hilarious. The return of Itchweed was also well used, and quite comedic.

While much of this wasn’t wrestling related, it was great to see that it was tied back to the show with the challenge from DCC. Overall, everything from the Hardy Compound was pure gold.

EC3 & Jesse Godderz vs Eli Drake & Aron Rex.

The first half of this contest was an absolute snoozefest. For a while, it appeared that EC3 and Godderz were just going through the motions. That can easily take any fan out of the action. It could’ve been attributed to the status of Rex’s character, because everything became more entertaining when Drake was tagged in. Also, for a match that acted as a heater for both feuds, it went way too long. It lasted for roughly 15 minutes, but it felt like 30.

Is it safe to say that they’ve transitioned Rex into a heel? This became evident when he raked the eyes of Godderz, and used some sort of hidden weapon to win. For a match that felt rather boring, the finish was intriguing, and it was well executed.

Grado/Robbie E Segment

At first, this looked like something they could’ve accomplished with a backstage segment, but it required patience. Fans need to remember that there will always be a silly side to pro wrestling, and Grado very much filled that role in this promo. Also, including DCC was a smart way to cap this off because it gave the segment more meaning than just dancing.

DJ Z, Mandrews, & Braxton Sutter vs Rockstar Spud & Decay

After seeing Rockstar Spud choose Decay as his tag team partners, I truly hope they show a backstage segment of him asking them to join his team. Their personalities are so different that any interaction between them sounds like it could be entertaining. I also liked the decision to insert the Decay in this contest because it gave the X-Division a different flavour, even if it was only for one night. Also, it gave the overall pacing of the match a fresh feel.

Considering that the Decay are just coming off a tag team title reign, I thought they were well protected in the finish of this match. There was no need for Abyss or Crazy Steve to eat the pin, so it only made sense that it was Spud. That also furthers Spud’s feud with DJ Z.

Contract Signing

When you’re working with taped shows, it’s difficult to promote the fight Lashley just had. In that sense, their hands were tied and it’s unfortunate.

While the overall segment went a tad bit longer than it should, it was still intense. The two have had multiple matches in the past, which makes their next one feel important. I’ve gotten over the decision to put the title on Edwards, and it appears that he’s really making the most of the programs he’s involved in

Laurel Van Ness vs Allie

With Allie being the clear cut underdog in this match, it was entertaining to see play out. Essentially it was five minute squash of Allie, but it meant more than that. It also made sense that she lost, because it only adds to her overall narrative.

Maria & Mike Bennett vs Brandy Rhodes & Cody

Out of all the current feuds on Impact, this has been the most consistent one since BFG. For the most part, it’s been highly entertaining, and it’s given each competitor involved a chance to shine.

Brandy was signed to TNA as a wrestler, but she has limitations since she wasn’t an active performer in WWE, and they did a good job at masking that. By having the women work the antics outside of the ring, Bennett and Cody were able to do a good job at carrying the main action. Overall, this had all the right ingredients for a couple vs couple match.


Impact has a way of telling each story week to week where they don’t need to do too much, yet everything moves forward. This episode in particular wasn’t anything special (apart from the Halloween skits), but it didn’t fail to entertain and keep the viewer hooked. The low point was the opening tag match, while the high point was everything Hardy related. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.

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