The Smackdown Scoop – “Katie Couric” Edition


I apologize for posting this review later than usual, I had some prior engagements to attend to.

Believe it or not, I was thinking about not doing this review since it felt too late, but I’m glad I did do it. Everything about this show was meaningful, and there were many fun moments (which is what pro wrestling is about). I’m actually more excited to see the fall out of this episode than Hell in a Cell.

Opening Segment

The chemistry between these two has flew under the radar. Ambrose especially has found the perfect way to react to his new “friend”. This backstage segment was absolute gold, even though it only lasted a little longer than a minute.

Bray Wyatt vs Kane

Does anybody know if this match was advertised last week? It had the context, yet it could’ve benefited from some build up. Either way, that didn’t affect this crowd as they seemed to love the action. Teasing the table spot was a great call by these two because it helped with creating that energy from the live audience.

At one point, this did become slow (after the commercial break), and that clearly meant this contest could’ve been cut down by a few minutes. However, at least the finish was quite interesting and unpredictable. I for one didn’t picture Orton delivering a RKO to Kane. That’ll most definitely create an interesting dynamic between them. For anybody that lost interest in this feud, hopefully this helped capture it once again. It would actually be quite interesting if all four men involved in this feud ended up teaming together for the Survivor Series Raw vs Smackdown match.

Becky Lynch/Alexa Bliss Promo

Damn, hearing Alexa call Rene “Katie Couric” was hilarious. There’s very few heels in the company that still insult interviewers/hosts, and I’m glad Bliss has added that to her repertoire.

Since these two have only had one promo together (contract signing before No Mercy), this came across as something fresh. For the most they only exchanged some simple insults, but it worked because of how natural they were. While Becky has been absent for a few weeks, both of them proved that this feud still has a lot of intensity left in it. Also, the use of the yellow spray paint was a great follow up to what Alexa was saying earlier in the segment. Overall, this was the perfect promo to have before their match next week.

The Ascension vs Hype Bros

The idea of this feud was solid when they first teased it, although it would’ve been great to see the two teams develop more dislike for each other. Think about it, they’ve only had two short face to face interactions. At the same time, I didn’t completely disapprove of this match because at least it still had a reason for being on the show. Along with them having a small feud, this was strategically used a qualifier for the tag team Survivor Series match.

Nikki Bella vs Natalya

Unlike the last match, there wasn’t even a small feud between Nikki and Natalya. However, it was awesome to see that it still had a reason for being on this show. That one reason (winner becomes captain) is enough to make fans in attendance and at home care about this singles match.

While the pacing was slow, it gave both superstars an opportunity to show their urgency towards winning. Natalya was amazing with her in ring trash talk, and that allowed for the slow pace to work wonders. Nikki’s work rate was quite solid and this may have easily been her best match since her return. Also, was I the only one who thought her STF looked better than anything we’ve seen from Cena? It looked devastating and certainly was the right move to end this match.

With the way this match went, the idea of Carmella running in didn’t even cross my mind. At the same time, it was an added bonus because that feud appears to be entering the women’s Raw vs Smackdown match at Survivor series.

The Miz/Dolph Ziggler Promo

Knowing that this feud began in early September, it’s amazing to see that it still has a ton of steam. Every week since they’ve began their program, each segment/match has had a meaning. The insertion of the tag champs and the Spirit Squad has also helped because it’s given the feud another branch to work from. Everybody involved in this program has worked well off of each other, and it’ll be interesting to see how they book this next week.

Spirit Squad vs Beauty and the Man Beast

I for one couldn’t get invested in this tag title match, but that may be attributed to Miz and Ziggler on commentary. That’s just my opinion, because the live crowd seemed to have loved this match. It only made sense that eventually Miz and Ziggler would somehow get involved, because that allowed for these six to be tied together once the match was over.

AJ Styles vs Dean Ambrose

From start to finish, this match turned out to be extremely entertaining. While AJ and Dean have squared off twice in the past, this match felt different. Since it wasn’t for the title, it actually made matters feel fresh. Also, James Ellsworth at ringside gave this another element that wasn’t there in the past.

AJ’s hatred of Ellsworth continues to be one of the highlights of Smackdown. He could’ve easily gone back in the ring when Ambrose tossed him out, but his decision to hit Ellsworth sold him as the despicable person he can be. That also gave the fans a reason to cheer against Styles, which is smart because he’s not meant to be a likeable heel. The addition of James in this feud has truly given it a fresh feel.

While the in ring action was amazing (as it usually is when these two wrestle), I’m glad this match was more based around the drama. The finish to that was presented was absolutely amazing. The superkick from Ellsworth gave the audience a reason to pop, and Styles sold it perfectly. To top off this fun moment, Ambrose had the best reaction that anybody could have in a moment like that. Even the referee’s face was priceless.


Koodos, Smackdown! This was another brilliant show that was filled with solid in ring action and great storytelling. No moment on this episode was pointless, which gives every fan a reason to not change the channel. If I had to pick one low point, it may have been the in ring portion of Hype Bros vs Ascension, but even that wasn’t so bad. The high points definitely included the Bliss-Lynch promo, Natalya vs Nikki, and the main event. Overall, I give this show a 8.5/10.



3 thoughts on “The Smackdown Scoop – “Katie Couric” Edition

  1. My review will come a bit later but I think I saw it a bit lacking compared with other shows. Still better than RAW, but not as good as other past shows.

    The tag team division seems to be on limbo as there’s no direction anywhere.

    It was mostly random matches with an impromptu reasons (Survivor Series). Was hard for me to invest myself on any of the tag matches. Those took a lot of air out of the show IMO.

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    1. Both tag matches weren’t exactly the best in terms of in ring action, but I loved that they had meaning. Even though they were impromptu reasons, it gave them and the fans a reason to care. To your point though, it would be nice to see them put more attention back to the division and the titles. I think they eventually will closer to Survivor Series, especially with the division vs division match.

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