Impact Insider – “Virgin nerds” Edition (Oct.21)


Once again, this week was surrounded by a ton of news regarding TNA’s financial status. That’s essentially become a trend, but don’t let that ruin Impact for you. They still manage to put forth solid shows like this one.

Opening Segment

The only thing I could think of during this promo was if Cody was overly warm in the jacket he was wearing. From what we can see, that was a sturdy leather jacket, and I was shocked he wasn’t sweating bullets during this segment. Jokes aside, this turned out to be an awesome promo. Cody did a brilliant job at using all of the emotion he could to convey his passion for the industry. Thankfully Rhodes was on the top of his game, because Eddie Edwards was quite vanilla. To this day, I still doubt Edwards as the top guy in TNA, and it appears he still has a long way to go until he’s considered a captivating act.

Moose vs Lashley

Based on how the narrative between the two has gone, I’m shocked this wasn’t the main event. However, I didn’t have anything against the placement because this only showed how stacked this episode was. For the most part, the pacing was quite strong and it excelled when they took it slow. There were moments when the two became ambitious, and that slightly scarred the action. If I were in charge of production, there’s no way I would’ve shown multiple replays of Moose’s tope con hilo. It wasn’t very believable.

The finishing sequence to this contest was executed well, and the two performers gave the audience a sense of unpredictability. With Moose gaining momentum within the past two weeks, I was genuinely shocked that he lost. At the same time, could anybody imagine Lashley losing clean for the second time in three weeks?

Fact of Life

There’s many pro wrestlers that have their own talk shows right now, but nobody does it better than Eli Drake. He’s natural when it comes to leading the segment, and he doesn’t need to rely on his guest to carry anything. Him and EC3 continue to show great chemistry in their young feud, which was portrayed well during this segment. Oddly enough, the biggest talking point after this was how Rex was presented. Once it was over, it appeared Aron and Eli were allies, so does that mean the grand champion is due for a heel turn? It could just be a one off, but it was interesting nonetheless.

Tribunal vs Broken Hardys

The Tribunal looked to be threatening last week, but they lost the allure in this match. In fact, they looked like enhancement talent when standing next to the Hardys. In all fairness, they didn’t come across as a joke, but I don’t think anybody assumed they would come close to winning. In my opinion, this match went much longer than it should’ve, but I understand they still need to fill time.

Placing the Jabbawockeez against the Broken Hardys might actually be a good idea. The Hardys need to rival a team with some sort of mystique, and these three men may very well fit the role. Based on the promos these mysterious men have been cutting, I have no doubt that Matt could match them.

Maria/Allie Promo

The fans finally got what they wanted with this promo, but it could’ve have meant much more. For months, we’ve wanted Allie to stand up to Maria, yet she ended up receiving a beat down. Yes, there’s still a lot left to be told, although the pop for Allie’s defiance could’ve meant more if she was left standing tall.

Mahabali Shera vs Mike Bennett

Many fans despise the commentary on Impact, but I thought they did a tremendous job at putting over Mike Bennett as a top star. The Miracle has been on a slight slump as of late so it was important for him to be presented as a big deal. This could’ve very well been a throw away match, although the bookers didn’t allow that. Instead of just being filler, both competitors were given a reason for being in this. Overall, this contest worked as a solid buffer.

Cody vs Eddie Edwards

Once this match started, the idea of it was bland. It appeared they just wanted to make the most of Cody’s appearances, however there were a few others on the roster that deserved this main event spot. Thankfully, it actually turned out to mean a lot more later on. Like I mentioned, we all know that Rhodes is working on limited dates, so the idea of him winning was absurd. Sometimes I wonder if the information we receive online easily ruins pro wrestling.

Apart from my complaining, it’s worth noting that these two looked great together. They both work a similar style, and built on that throughout the match. With that being said, the finish was quite creative, because it didn’t allow for anybody to look weak. Along with that, we were given a post match program that gave Bennett and Cody a reason to further their feud. Overall, this contest turned out to mean much more than it did on the surface.


A successful weekly television wrestling show should be able to accomplish two things, one being execution of a good show, and the second being the creation of excitement for the next week. Well, I’d say this episode of Impact achieved all of that. With that being said, there were still some missed opportunities on this show. The low point was the Allie-Maire promo, while the high point was the Fact of Life. Overall, I give this episode of Impact a 7/10.

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