Impact Insider – “Day of the New” Edition (Oct.14)


I rated last week’s episode of Impact quite low, in fact, it was the lowest rating I’ve ever given to one show. That article attracted the most amount of negative feed back I’ve ever received. However, I’m glad I was proven wrong this week. While I might not be a fan with certain decisions that were made, TNA is running with these feuds, and from first glance they’re doing a great job.

Opening Promo

All of my Impact readers already know that I wasn’t a fan of last week’s title change, but I’m done complaining. While I still stand with my opinion on how it was a bad decision, I can’t do anything about it now. At this point, I’m just curious to see how Edwards’ reign plays out, because there’s still a story that needs to be told. Eddie’s promo was rather generic, but it worked, because the fans in attendance bought it. Lashley was actually the stand out in this segment, as his anger felt genuine. It was better that he just attacked Edwards instead of comforting in on the mic. That moment gave us a chance to digest how much that loss meant to Lashley.

Aron Rex vs Jesse Godderz

The one fun aspect about the Grand Championship is that it must be defended in every one on one match. That gives the fans a sense of surprise, and I’m sure one of these days it’ll switch on Impact. At the same time, this format still risks the chance of feeling boring. The flow relies too much on work rate, and some times that just doesn’t work for certain wrestlers. Godderz was decent, but Rex is starting to show that he cannot shine in that “work rate” type of role.

The decision to have Godderz win the first two rounds worked in terms of building suspense. It also allowed for him to look quite strong, even though he lost.

Broken Hardys Promo

Within recent months, I don’t think there’s ever been as many recaps as there were on this show. There was 12 minutes between this promo and the last match (there were a few backstage segments, though). I quickly forgot about that large break, because the Hardys absolutely stole the show with their promo. Hearing Matt call out tag champs from other promotions was absolutely priceless. In fact, that moment alone made me want a Hardys vs New Day match more than ever.

Based on the Tribunal’s backstage promo, and Matt telling the audience about his premonition, the finish to this promo made a ton of sense. Now that the Hardys are done with the Decay, it’ll be interesting to see how they work with a team that’s not as heavily gimmicked.

Cody vs Mike Bennett

Wow, how was this match not the main event? I understand that it didn’t include a major title stipulation, but it was undoubtedly the biggest matchup on this show.

Based on how this young feud has played out, the pacing of this match was excellent. Everybody involved (including Brandy and Maria) played their roles, and that told a good story. Cody and Bennett especially did a magnificent job at working an entertaining babyface-heel dynamic. I actually find the miracle more entertaining, yet I was cheering against him because of how well he played the villain. He also had the highlight of the match, which was the pedigree. Who else saw that coming?

Cody winning clean was some what predictable. but they could’ve furthered the feud had he lost. This was Bennett’s second straight singles loss, and I’m not sure if that’s the best way to book one of Impact’s top heels. Don’t get me wrong, it was still a good match, but it just felt nearsighted. All the ingredients were there for a cheap win.

Marshe Rocket vs DJ Z 

I’m glad Pope actually clarified that the X-Division title isn’t just meant for cruiserweights, but more for wrestlers that wrestle a fast pace style. That also clears up a lot of confusion many fans may have. For those that forgot, Lashley actually won the title a few months ago, which goes to show there’s no weight class for it.

Since Marshe Rocket has the size advantage on DJ Z, I thought both of them made the most of selling it. Marshe absolutely dominated the majority of the match, but that allowed for Z to look resilient, as he should. Overall, this turned out to be an entertaining match, and it was a great way to showcase Rocket.

Maria vs Gail Kim

I applaud the creative team that booked this match, because the backstage promos did a lot for building it. Seeing Maria as scared as she was only made the beating she took more entertaining. I definitely watch more WWE than TNA, so watching women compete in a no DQ reminds me of how much these competitors can do. I find it refreshing that these two had to hit each other with weapons because they dislike each other and not because it’s a big step for women.

With Maria not being the most technically sound performer, the use of smoke and mirrors allowed for this to be quite entertaining. The stipulation gave Maria a chance to look competitive, even though she clearly had no chance.

Moose vs EC3

Moose has been around for a few months, yet this was the first time the two have ever competed. I love moments like this because of how fresh they feel to the audience. Also, they both had a strong motivation to win, so at no point did this contest feel dull.

Both competitors brought a great amount of intensity, which allowed for this match to feel important. I loved how they “beat the hell” out of each other, just to show how much this opportunity meant to them. While the match itself was fresh, the finish felt more refreshing. I was under the assumption we’d see some sort of shenanigans, but that wasn’t the case. Moose won clean, and the fans now get to see him wrestle Lashley. As far as know, that’s been the most built up side feud within the past months.


Hey, I wasn’t a fan of last week’s show, but this episode certainly made up for it. Just about all story lines were given a purpose, and many of them were played out well. Even if some of the matches didn’t have meaning, they were still somewhat entertaining to watch. The low point of the show was Rex vs Godderz, while the high point was the Hardys promo. overall, I give this show a 7.5/10.

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