Impact Insider (Oct.7)


If you enjoyed Bound For Glory, you probably won’t enjoy this episode of Impact. It was an insult to every fan, and hopefully they can figure something out for next week.

Opening Segment

It only made sense that Lashley would open this show. His win against EC3 was huge, so I’m sure everybody wanted to hear from him. The best part of this promo was definitely Lashley not turning around for Aron Rex. That alone was a great display of what the champ thinks of the rest of the roster.

As every champion made their way out, this promo only became more exciting. We hardly ever see every champ in the ring, and this was extremely entertaining. It was a great way to showcase the most important players in TNA. Of course, Broken Matt found a way to stand out the most. The only nonsensical part was Billy Corgan not giving Lashley his options in this promo. Sure, it was neat to hear about DJ Z’s match, but considering how he wasn’t relevant during the PPV, I’m sure nobody cared to hear about his match.

This promo truly went from exciting to dull.

Mandrews, Braxton Sutter, & DJ Z vs Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, & Marshe Rocket

After the opening segment, did anybody actually care about this match? Sure, each performer delivered the typical X-Division spots, but nothing about this contest felt important. What made matters worse is that nothing came from the finish.

Eli Drake/EC3 Promo

This must have been the worst way to address EC3’s loss to Lashley. Carter cut a decent promo, but it should have definitely been done in the ring. Apart from that, Drake cut an excellent promo here, as it felt real. I personally feel that was the most passionate we’ve ever seen Eli. Was there a reason this wasn’t done in front of the crowd?

Gail Kim vs Sienna

Why was Madison Rayne on commentary? She added absolutely nothing to this boug. Also, this contest made me realize that not every title needed to be defended on this episode of Impact. It was obvious that the title wasn’t going to switch hands. This angle would have worked better if it were kept shorter, especially with the way it ended.

Decay vs The Hardys 

We’ve seen Delete or Decay and the Great War, so this contest just felt forced. Did anybody care to see another gimmicked based match between these two teams? As much as I’ve loved both teams within the past few weeks, this contest was completely unnecessary.

Cody Rhodes Promo

In all honesty, this promo didn’t feel important until Mike Bennett came out, because beforehand it was just going on for to long. I’m glad this crowd was into Cody, because he was incredibly boring in my opinion. In fact, if it wasn’t for Bennett, this segment would have died a horrible death. If this is the extent to Rhodes’ character, I’m starting to understand why the WWE didn’t see him as a commodity.

Baron Dax vs Aron Rex

Did any of you really expect Dax to be a challenge to Rex? What was the point of booking this title match? Was Dax considered the next contender? It’s not like this was an open challenge. The pointlessness of this match was a representation of this episode.

Eddie Edwards vs Lashley

I could have understood if EC3 was chosen by Lashley and won, but the fact that it was Edwards has me doubting this promotion as a whole. Eddie just lost to Rex last Sunday, so it doesn’t make sense for him to beat the monster heel in the main event of Impact. Why didn’t they just book EC3 to win at BFG? As a fan, I didn’t care about the quality of their work rate, because this killed a strong narrative.


Ever since I’ve started watching Impact, the episodes have been quite solid, and the product comes across much more superior to what we see on Monday nights. This night in particular felt like it was completely different. Did everybody go into the creative meeting stoned? This show was complete disaster. There wasn’t a high point, but the low point was the entire show. Overall, I give this episode a 1.5/10.

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