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Bound For Glory Break Down (Oct.3)


If you could afford it, I hope all of my readers ordered Bound For Glory legally. They’re a company that needs the help, and after the show they put on, they definitely deserve to keep going.

Trevor Lee vs DJ Z

This was very much a filler match, but I was too excited for this show to even care. For some reason, hearing DJ Z’s theme had me pumped up. I was sh*tting on the show for not booking an X-Division match, but I applaud them for using this match as the opener.

I’ve never cared for Trevor Lee, but in this particular contest he stood out more than DJ Z. His big boot to Z on the apron and the punt that followed were easily the highlight. I literally marked out at seeing both of those moves. For a match that came into this show cold, these two found a way to get the crowd invested. There wasn’t a moment where this contest felt dull, and that’s just a testament to how good both of these competitors are.


10 Man Bound For Gold Gauntlet 

Honestly, this match didn’t pick up until Eli Drake came out as the fourth competitor. In fact, that’s simply a sign of how strong his character is compared to the others involved. That’s probably because of how cold the other competitors felt.

After seeing Grado enter this match, nothing felt truly exciting. As I fan, I felt as if I was only watching for one wrestler, which was Eli Drake. I’m shocked they didn’t do anything to promote this match, because if they did, I’m sure it would’ve been much more intense. If I’m being honest, I used this time to order my pizza, and throw back a few beers.

Overall, they picked the right person to win this match, and it’s fitting that he won in heel fashion. Hopefully for next year, they can figure out how to promote this better.


Mike Bennett vs Moose

On paper (in kayfabe) this is complete mismatch, and that’s what made this entertaining. The opening few minutes were absolutely perfect, as it defined their rivalry. We also got a chance to see Moose be the beast that he truly can be.

What truly made this match magical was how real the hatred was. Both men perfectly displayed how much they disliked each other, and that drew me in. Just about everything they did reeked of hatred; even their back and forth punches were intense. While I’m glad this felt extremely real, I was shocked how Moose left as the victor. These two could have went much further into their feud, so I was surprised with the finish. The chemistry between them was quite strong, so hopefully this wasn’t their last encounter .Either way, it still felt cathartic, and satisfying.


Eddie Edwards vs Aron Rex

Similar to the Bound For Gold gauntlet, there wasn’t much to care about in this match. While it was for the Impact Grand Championship, there was no story line. However, it was tough to blame the in ring competitors, as this match was built around an injury.

In terms of the work rate, the back and forth between the two was strong. The chemistry felt natural, and that’s all that matters. It was strange how the lights went out half way through the match, but it actually made this more interesting. I’m not sure if I can explain it, but a technical difficulty can easily grab the attention of any fan. I also applaud both Rex and Edwards for continuing the match while the power had went out, because I can’t imagine that being an easy thing to do.

We knew Drew Galloway was at the show, so why didn’t he make an appearance during this match? That was the moment I was most looking forward to. At the same time, it appears Rex and Galloway will be feuding for the title for the next set of tapings.


Decay vs The Hardys

These two teams didn’t hold back, as this match started off with a bang, and never died down. The chemistry between everybody involved was magnificent, and it also proved how they can do much more than what they did with Final Deletion.

Initially, I thought this would be a no holds barred match, but it turned out into something much greater. Out of all the matches within the past decade that have left the ring, I believe this one was the absolute best. While everything about this was outlandish, it felt right considering how much these two teams hated each other. In fact, I can’t recall the last time a gimmick match like this felt so passionate. At times, I thought I was watching something made straight from a movie studio.

Throughout this past year, wrestling fans have witnessed a great in ring product from every promotion, however this one stood out more than most. People often give TNA a ton of flack for not being original, but this match (and everything Broken Matt has done) has showcased how original their content has become. Once the Hardys had won, I knew they rest of the card would have a difficult time keeping up.


Maria vs Gail Kim

This match wasn’t very long, but it didn’t have to be. The whole point of this bout was to see Maria receive her comeuppance, and that’s exactly what we got. Seeing Gail Kim win the title was a feel good moment, but the highlight was definitely Bennett trying his best to help Maria.

Before Cody interrupted the post match promo, I had completely forgotten that he was supposed to be on the show. Well, once he showed up, I thought they did a great job with his debut. People wanted to cheer for Cody, and they also wanted to boo Bennett, so this turned out to be the perfect segment for both.


Lashley vs EC3 

From start to finish, the pacing of this match was kept at an extremely high pace. Considering how there’s a noticeable size difference, the two did a great job at telling a story. Clearly, this wasn’t going to be a smooth technical match, so they deserve some credit for brawling instead. Actually, most grudge matches are always done well when the two competitors wrestle a brawling style.

With Lashley controlling most of this contest, it allowed for EC3 to look like the underdog he was meant to be. That one aspect allowed for them to set a tone, which worked and got the fans invested. While the two only left the ring once, they made the most of it with fighting on the entrance ramp. Based on the story they were trying to tell, I’m shocked they went with the finish that we saw. I’m sure most fans were anticipating a title switch, but Lashley retaining was done seamlessly. That finish only makes the champ’s narrative more interesting, as it left fans wanting to know who can beat him.



One thing I can say about this show is that is very much lived up to the hype. Every match that was advertised was quite exceptional and that’s a testament to how well every feud was built. The low point of the show was the gauntlet, while the high point was the great war. Overall, I give this PPV an 8/10

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