Bound For Glory – Preview & Predictions (Oct.1)


The past 24 hours have been quite interesting for TNA, and everything they stand on. As fan, I’ve put all of that in the background, and have set my attention towards the actual PPV. The build up has been excellent, and I hope TNA get’s a chance to show the world why every wrestling fan has been talking about them.

10 Man Bound For Glory Gaunlet

This match is basically a poor man’s version of money in the bank, and I say that because it has the same idea, but without any sort of build up. Given that this match has zero context, the winner has to be a wrestler with some type of relevancy to the recent episodes of Impact. Well, based on my own assessment, I’d say there’s nobody more deserving than Eli Drake.

Winner: Eli Drake

Maria vs Gail Kim

There’s been moments throughout in the past few months where I’ve disliked the knockouts division, but in terms of telling an overall story, the pay off to this match should be satisfying for all viewers. That’s quite impressive, considering how Maria isn’t even a full blown in ring competitor, at least compared to Gail. With that being said, we’ll probably see a ton of smoke and mirrors, which will consist of many interferences on behalf of Maria. While the first lady of professional wrestling will have a lot of help, I believe this is where Allie chooses to take a step back from the dark side. At this point everything will blow up in Maria’s face, allowing Kim to capitalize and win the knockouts title.

Winner: Gail Kim

Moose vs Mike Bennett

Moose has been booked extremely well ever since his debut, and it’s only fitting that his first PPV feud is with Mike Bennett. With so much happening on this card, these two deserve credit for not feeling like an afterthought on this show. Out of the two, Moose looks like the kayfabe favourite, but I’m leaning towards Bennett. The miracle has taken a few more losses than his former friend, so I honestly believe he needs this win more. Of course, don’t expect Bennett’s victory to come clean, as I’m sure he’ll find a way to cheat.

Winner: Mike Bennett

Aron Rex vs Eddie Edwards

For those that haven’t figured out by now, Drew Galloway is injured, and won’t be cleared to compete on this show. In his place is Eddie Edwards. I’m not sure what kind of angle they’re working here, but they better have one or else this entire match will feel like the cold spot of the show. We should still expect Galloway to appear to some extent, and he’ll probably end up costing Rex the title, which will keep their feud going.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Decay vs The Hardys

No disrespect towards EC3 and Lashley (they’ve done a good job with their feud) but this match feels like the main event, at least for me. From all angles, it’s been a success, and these two teams will most likely steal the show come Sunday. Everything they’ve done together has been extremely entertaining, and I won’t expect anything less from the great war. While I’m expecting Reby and Rosemary to play a big role, I truly hope we see either Vanguard 1 or Señor Benjamin get involved.

Broken Matt and Obsolete Jeff have come too far with this gimmick, and it just wouldn’t make sense if they lost. This is the big win both of them need, and that will only add momentum to their story.

Winner: The Hardys

Lashley vs EC3

There’s no denying the chemistry between these two when it comes to being in the ring. Heck, their lethal lockdown match was an example of intense they can get. I think this is when the TNA title finally changes hands, because Lashley has simply run through the entire roster. Even though he won the title back in June, its felt like he’s held it for much longer, and that can be attributed to how strong he’s been booked. Plus, the fans have really gotten behind EC3, and having him hold the title at the end of the show would send them home happy.

Winner: EC3


I for one am extremely excited about this show. If any of you have any predictions of your own, feel free to post them in the comments section!

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