Impact Insider (Sep.30)


With all the news surrounding TNA and the potential sale of it, this show did a great job a taking attention away from that situation. At the same time, it was a reminder that it would be a shame if this company shut down under current circumstances. The roster as a whole has done a magnificent job, and hopefully they can continue the good work.

Opening Segment

For some reason I was under the assumption these two had their teams picked out last week, simply based on the show ending brawl from that episode. Either way, this was a neat way to start this show, because hearing Lashley and Carter pick their team mates was entertaining. Albeit, their picks were quite predictable, but it gave the audience a chance to see different feuds intertwined with one another (something TNA already does well). The rest of the promo was rather generic, although they pulled it off, and it was fitting for the situation.

Eddie Edwards vs DJ Z

The recap they showed prior to this match was extremely long, and could’ve easily been cut in half. We only needed to see Edwards challenging DJ Z, as there was no need to show the finish of DJ Z’s match from last week.

Quite honestly, I’m surprised this match wasn’t saved for Bound for Glory. As it stands, neither of them are on the card which means the X-Division title won’t be defended. This turned out to be a pretty good match, but the fact that it was on this show and not the PPV just showed the fans that it wasn’t important. Considering how the Helms Dynasty ran in to attack both men after the finish, I don’t understand why the bookers didn’t schedule a tag match to begin with. It would’ve made sense since the context was already there.

Madison Rayne vs Laurel Van Ness

Initially, I didn’t see the importance behind this match, but then I realized it wasn’t about that. Instead, this contest was about growing Laurel’s character, and pushing Allie’s. Without the use of Maria, it was impressive that they still managed to find a way to tell Allie’s narrative with her boss.

Drew Galloway/Aron Rex Promo

The back and forth between these two on the mic was very entertaining. They could’ve easily made this into a generic promo, but instead their insults towards each other were much more impactful. Drew especially stood out in this segment because his emotion felt raw and genuine. Also, this new title is working as a great back drop for this program.

Rosemary vs Reby

We all knew this match wasn’t going to be a technical masterpiece, but the two used it as a way to tell grow their feud. I liked how they brawled instead of using wrestling moves, because that showcased their hatred for one another. While the feud is about the Decay and Hardys, it was smart to end the segment with the Rosemary-Reby table spot. That alone showed how the women are just as heavily invested in this feud as the men.

Hardys/Decay Brawl

In most cases, a brawl like this would be giving away the pay off of the PPV, but that wasn’t the case here. Everything about this brawl showed the fans how intense this feud has gotten. While both teams want the tag titles, they’ve developed a deep hatred for each other, and that kind of story telling is what makes this feud a success. Every other promotion in pro wrestling should take notes, because TNA has found a way to make their tag title feud the second biggest (if not biggest) feud in the company.

EC3, Moose, Aron Rex, & Gail Kim vs Lashley, Mike Bennett, Drew Galloway, & Maria

In the case of this match, it was wise to keep Lashley and EC3 apart at the beginning. Unlike the prior segment, having those two open the contest would slightly take away from their BFG match. Plus, with Lashley’s added incentive for his team mates, I was more interested in seeing EC3 take on Bennett and Galloway.

When it was announced that each team needed a knockout, I was curious to see how they’d work around that during the match. It could have been an awkward transition, but it was played off well by Maria. In fact, Bennett telling Maria to stay out of the cage was the highlight of the match. It reminded the fans that two are still a couple, and that Bennett is still a good husband, even though his character is still complete scumbag. Little details like that truly give wrestlers more depth.

While the stipulation only benefited two of the eight competitors, everybody in this match wrestled as if it meant something. The intensity never died, and I was pleased the rest spots were kept to a minimum. Once the cage doors were locked, this actually felt like a PPV main event. My only gripe with this match was the finish, as it wasn’t a necessary way to end the show. Did EC3 really need to tap out? I understand he took a beating, but having him eat a pin after being beat down with a chair would’ve been more appropriate.


This edition of Impact accomplished everything a go home show should. Every feud was addressed, and for the most part, the way every feud was presented left the fans wanting more. The low point of the show was DJ Z vs Edwards, while the high point was the Hardys/Decay brawl. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10. As a blogger/reviewer of pro wrestling, I must admit that this week has been filled with solid wrestling television(apart from Raw).

Stay tuned, as I’ll be posting my BFG predictions this Saturday.

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