On to the NXT One – Glorious 10 Edition (Sep.29)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

This week’s edition of NXT was quite note worthy. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d highly recommend watching it, because they told a great story with this episode.

Tye Dillinger vs Angelo Dawkins

At least Tye Dillinger has given us a reason to care about him, but the writers of NXT haven’t done the same with Dawkins. I’m surprised Angelo has been in NXT for so long without any kind of character. Overall, this wasn’t extremely entertaining, but it worked for getting Tye some exposure.

The real excitement came once Bobby Roode came out and asked for Tye to be his tag partner for the Dusty Classic. Not only was it a great moment for the fans, it was perfectly executed considering how Regal opened the show.

The Ealy Brothers vs The Revival/Samoa Joe Beat Down

I had completely forgot about Joe’s threat from last week, so seeing him run out and destroy the Ealy Brothers was quite surprising.   It was done well, and if Joe continues his path of destruction, he’ll look like a true monster come Takeover:Toronto. Also, this kind of angle is perfect for a wrestler like Joe.

Ember Moon vs Mandy Rose

Every time I see Mandy, she impresses me with how much she’s improved in the ring. Considering how she just started training this year, I thought Mandy held her own against Ember. Overall, I found this to be quite an entertaining contest.

Authors of Pain vs Local Competitors 

By now, I’ve become completely sick of the Authors of Pain, and I’m sure many fans share that same sentiment. For a moment, I thought Paul Ellering was going to give us some much needed context, but even that was a disappointment. These two are in much need of a story/program.

Asuka vs Liv Morgan 

This has been a decent TV program, but I’m shocked they didn’t promote this match more. Well, after seeing the finish, I realized they didn’t need to advertise this any more. Having Asuka destroy Liv was a good decision, because it tells two different stories. One, Asuka is still the top dog of the division, and two, Liv isn’t as strong as she thought. In reality, Liv had only been on television as a prominent character for no longer than a month, so seeing her lose quickly only made sense.

Lince Dorado vs Hideo Itami

At this point, Hideo is becoming the Eater of the Cruiserweights. Jokes aside, having Itami wrestle the participants of the CWC isn’t a bad idea. He’s shown great chemistry with all of them, which isn’t something fans of NXT mind.

Watching Lince is a bit of treat, because wrestlers like him aren’t very common in the WWE. His high flying style complimented Hideo’s style, and the two put forth a strong main event. The highlight was obviously the drop kick from Dorado, because there’s not many people that can catch that kind of air. Let’s hope this isn’t the last time these two meet.

The next Takeover is still a month and a half away, but it’s great to see how this feud is already gaining steam. Normally they don’t flesh out these feuds until the last two to three weeks before the special, but I applaud the new approach the writers are taking.


For the most part, this show was riddled with plot development, and it was awesome. Usually shows this far from Takeover aren’t as content packed, but like I mentioned, it appears they’re taking a new approach. The low point was the Authors of Pain match, while the high point was opening match. Overall, this show deserves an 8.5/10.

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