Raw Rollup – “Sasha Wanks” Edition (Sep.27)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

If you chose to watch the Presidential Debate, Falcons vs Saints, pre season NHL, or anything else but Raw, you made a great choice. Once I finish this show, I was positive that I didn’t even need to write a review.

Roman Reigns vs Rusev

I’m all for Raw opening the show with a match, but not this match. This was Rusev’s rematch for the US title, why not make a bigger deal out of it? The WWE could have possibly saved this for later in the show or promote it for next week instead. The fans just saw this the night prior, so it just came across as a lazy opening.

The action itself wasn’t so bad, and they did a much better job on this show than Clash of Champions. There was more of a back and forth, which meant Reigns wasn’t getting beat down for 80% of the time. However, even that became boring as this match went on for 30+ minutes, which included two separate commercial breaks. I’m quite surprised that this live crowd never died down, but only became more excited as it went on. That goes to show the difference between the live experience and watching the show at home.

As boring as this was, the two definitely made up for it with their post match brawl. That particular aspect is what both men excel in, so it was only wise they got a chance to work that in. The only thing that didn’t make sense to me was their decision to have Roman and Rusev work such a long match if it was going to end in a count out.

Cesaro/Sheamus/Mick Foley Promo

I absolutely loved how Sheamus cut his promo, and he clearly carried the segment. It’s been a while since we’ve seen that type of intensity from him, and it was a much welcomed change of pace. Cesaro on the other hand sounded vanilla as ever.

Based on how the other programs are going, the only championship narrative these two could fit into was the tag title program. In the end, they wrestled a few good matches, went down as equal, and still got something out of it. If only one of them were to win the series, the other would be lost.

New Day vs The Club

I don’t think I’ve ever been so annoyed from seeing the New Day. After the results of the tag match at Clash of Champions, I didn’t expect anything special to occur. It’s worth noting that the New Day looked like a heel team, but that didn’t babyface the Club. Essentially it was heel team vs heel team, which on it’s own is somewhat fresh.

Why? What was even the point of this match? What was even the point of having Xavier interfere at the PPV if the New would just win clean the night after? Congratulations Raw bookers, you’ve officially killed your own tag division. I would love to hear an explanation from someone that works within the company why this was a good idea.

Bayley vs Local Competitor 

After taking a lose at the PPV, having Bayley pick up a quick win from a squash match wasn’t the worst idea. It keeps her strong, and allowed for her to be on the show.

Rich Swann & Cedric Alexander vs Drew Gulak & Lince Dorado 

Instead of having a tag match, why not have them wrestle singles matches, and show the main roster audience the same video packages that were aired for each performer during the CWC? That way, people can become familiar with each competitor.

Luckily for these four, they can still rely on their skill to get them over. There was never a moment where the action became dull. Once again, Cedric Alexander found another way to stand out among the other competitors. Rich Swann was also given much more time to shine in this contest. From the initial impression, it appears the WWE has a lot planned for them heading into the future.

Sheamus & Cesaro vs Local Competitors

When odd couple pairings are done right, they can be one of the most entertaining things in pro wrestling. From the moment Sheamus & Cesaro made their entrance(s), I felt like we were in for something special. The two clearly have a strong chemistry when it comes to one upping each other.

Charlotte/Sasha Banks Promo

I thought Charlotte was amazing in this segment. Time and time again throughout this year, she’s come across as the strongest heel on Raw. Her delivery is smooth, and her words actually mean something. That’s probably why she gets a great amount of heat from the fans. Sasha on the other hand, was simply carried in this promo. Her character never has anything new to say, and that didn’t change here.

Tony Nese vs TJ Perkins

During the CWC, Nese was easily one of the most impressive performers that the WWE decided to sign. He’s very similar to Neville, as Graves mentioned, except he carries more personality. The unfortunate part about this match is that it started right when the US Presidential Debate started to get good.

From start to finish, I thought these two put on a pretty good match, so I don’t know what had this crowd chanting “CM Punk”. I find it strange how so many fans talk about chants like that being disrespectful, yet they still find a way to appear on the show. Is this just herd mentality? As someone trying to enjoy the match from my living room, sometimes stuff like that can get annoying. These two deserved better.

Highlight Reel w/ Kevin Owens

After most of the show struggled to accomplish anything important, I knew Jericho had a chance to redeem some of it. Right off the bat, he turned up his act to the fullest, and it was thoroughly entertaining. I do hope we see more of his list before this run is over. Also, the bromance between Y2J and Owens is beautiful, simply because of how natural it is.

Seth’s two second interruption was quite forgettable, but the same can’t be said about Enzo & Cass. The exchange between Cass and Jericho was the true highlight of this show, and my day. I can’t remember the last time a promo had me laughing as uncontrollably as this one did.

Chris Jericho & Kevin Owens vs Enzo Amore & Big Cass

As a match, I felt indifferent about this. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything special. The four worked a simple tag match, and through that, they managed to get their character across. Jericho and Owens were the true stand outs, and it wasn’t because of their work rate, it was due to their in ring trash talk.

Like most matches on this episode, there obviously had to be something wrong with this one. For those of you who didn’t notice, this went way too long. This was truly a show that could have ended right at 11.


One would think the WWE would do more for this episode, considering it was going head to head with both Football and the Presidential Debate. Not only that, this was a post PPV show, as fans we wanted to see some sort of major story progression/setup. Apart from Sheamus and Cesaro joining forces, was there anything else of importance? Even the main event picture lacked substance. The low point of the show was New Day vs the Club, while the high point was the Highlight Reel. Overall, I give this show a 3/10.




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