Impact Insider – Stupid Edition (Sep.24)


I’m shocked that TNA gave away so much on last week’s episode, because this show had almost no substance to it. In fact, if they switched the two episodes, it might have made a bit more sense. However, based on the announcements made, it doesn’t appear they want their go home show next week to suffer.

Drew Galloway vs Eddy Edwards

Going into this match, I knew there wasn’t a chance Eddy would win, but I was interested in seeing how his loss would be booked. While he’s been cold as of late, the bookers of TNA still take him seriously. Also, the commentators were sure on letting the audience know how strong Edwards truly is.

Early on, these two made sure the pace wasn’t dull. While Galloway won the first round, it did wonders for both competitors, as it played to their styles. Also, both men wrestle completely different styles yet they managed to build a great amount of chemistry. In fact, their chemistry is what allowed for finish to be so intense. I’m glad neither men got the pin fall, because that shows us fans how entertaining these types of matches can be when they’re close.

I’m sure I can’t be the only one that didn’t except EC3 to come out after Drew’s promo. That type of intertwining is what makes TNA such a good show in terms of continuity. Yes, the Galloway/Carter feud is over, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped liking each other. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the main event setup (Bennett & Lashely vs Carter & Moose) was done seamlessly.

Aron Rex vs Eli Drake

After some thought, I’m starting to see how vanilla Rex truly is without any kind of gimmick and his video package made him look like a generic wrestler. With that being said, for those who saw the clip online with Rex with his old intellectual saviour gimmick cutting a promo with Broken Matt made me realize he’s not hitting his true potential in TNA. I know it’s too early to tell, but it’s difficult to not notice.

In terms of being over with the audience, it was tough to imagine Aron going over Eli, but I guess that fit the narrative. Drake has done such a marvellous job at becoming a top heel in the company, it’s just unfortunate he won’t have a prominent program for BFG. While the two has chemistry on the mic, it wasn’t evident in the in the ring. For the most part, this match was slow, and felt uneventful. Unlike the last tournament match, this one didn’t feel intense whatsoever.

Cody Rhodes Vignette 

After seeing a few Cody matches from the indy circuit, it was pleasant to see him back on TV. I thought vignette was great, as it was simple and fit him.

Decay/Broken Hardys Promo

Last week we saw the Hardys cut a promo which was interrupted, however this week it was great to see the reverse. It was a simple switch, but allowed for this segment to feel fresh. While the promo did feel fresh, I feel as if it didn’t become strong until the Hardys made their way out. Decay sounded quite generic, and it was tough to buy into their words. The final moment between Reby and Rosemary was quite eventful, because it gave Reby a chance to feel more meaningful in this program.

DJ Z vs Trevor Lee

The tough thing with open challenges is that when they’re not announced, they’re extremely cold. If I knew earlier in the show that DJ Z was going to issue an open challenge, I’d be much more excited, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, I didn’t care about this match at all. At least they created an angle with Eddy Edwards heading into next week’s show, although I’m surprised they didn’t hold this off until BFG.

Maria vs Local Competitor/Ninja

Maria did a wonderful job at being the biggest heel on this show. With the way she treated Allie, it was tough to not hate her. Based on the way she won her first match, she truly found a way to gain heat.

Gail Kim coming out as a ninja was extremely obvious, but it was a smart way to get her involved in this segment. While her presence wasn’t felt throughout the whole promo, she definitely left an impression.

Mike Bennett & Lashley vs Moose & EC3

The highlight of this show, even though it occurred early in the match, was Bennett rolling out of the ring right when Carter and Moose came in. It only made matters better once Bennett tried to explain his logic to Lashley.

When was the last time we saw a tag team match headline an episode of Impact? It’s been quite some time, as most main events have been singles matches, so that made this match feel fresh. There actually wasn’t a lot to this contest since it ended pretty quickly. If they were going to do that, they could have went with the DQ finish. There was no sense in EC3 pinning Bennett if the finish was going to be a brawl.


Well, it turns out TNA may have done too much last week, because this episode felt pretty bland. The story telling wasn’t quite strong, and neither was the in ring. That’s fine though, because Impact has been on a roll, and they were bound to deliver a sub par show one of these days. The low point was Rex vs Drake, while the high point was the Galloway vs Edwards. Overall, I give this show a 5.9/10.



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