Raw Rollup – List of Jericho Edition (Sep.20)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

This was the go home show for Clash of Champions, and it didn’t even feel like the PPV was coming up this Sunday. They didn’t do much in terms of creating momentum, and my expectations for the PPV have dropped.

Opening Segment

This segment needed to be about Roman Reigns, not Mick Foley. This is one of the many issues that’s holding Raw back, and I’m sure most fans don’t want to see Foley go on about what he thinks. Also, what was the point of giving Roman a rematch if it wasn’t going to have the same stipulation as last week? What exactly is his motivation to compete against Owens again? Reigns’ issue is with Rusev, not KO, so that cage match was put together just for the sake of having a main event.

Rusev vs Seth Rollins

Ever since these two have been on the main roster, they’ve been playing heels as singles competitors. Well now one of them has finally turned, so this was a very fresh match up. Based on their move sets alone, these two showcased a great amount of chemistry, which is pretty impressive considering how they haven’t wrestled each other that much.

The two have a distinct size advantage, and that was made quite obvious at times. I say “at times” because Rollins is still strong enough to display his strength. This was a match that needed to end in count out, because neither man could afford the loss. While they’re not involved in a feud, the post match brawl was impressive, and it gave their relationship more depth heading into the future.

Braun Strowman vs Sin Cara

I know we’ve seen Sin Cara wrestle Strowman before, but it’s still weird seeing Braun wrestle other main roster members. Out of all the squash matches we’ve seen from Strowman, this was lackluster. The booking team could have done something to set up a program for him before Clash of Champions.

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs Charlotte & Dana Brooke

I was surprised how quickly Foley dealt with the double pin from last week’s triple threat match. They had no choice but to address it, but I thought it would have been a bigger plot point on this particular show. I’m just shocked Sasha didn’t put up more of a fight to keep her one on one at the PPV.

The back and forth between these two teams was well done, and it didn’t feel as formulaic as most tag team matches. Neither Bayley or Sasha were kept in the ring for too long to receive beat downs from the heel team. Charlotte and Dana have taken a few losses lately, so this was a much needed win for them. Also, it helps further the story heading into the triple threat match.

Bo Dallas vs Local Competitor 

Similar to the Braun squash match, they missed an opportunity here to set up a program for Bo Dallas before Clash of Champions.

Cesaro vs Sheamus 

At first I wasn’t very interested in seeing how this series would turn out, but after last week, these two have caught my attention. However, it’s mainly to see how both will end up afterwards, because I don’t foresee the loser going anywhere.

One thing we can’t take away from these two is their ability to put on a kick ass match. From start to finish, this was a great contest, and it was paced very well. Usually Cesaro’s uppercuts are impressive, however the one he gave Sheamus at the barricade was one of the best ones I’ve seen lately. Even though the Swiss Superman’s come back in this series was predictable, they did a great job at making us think other wise in this match.

Chris Jericho/Enzo & Cass/Shining Stars/New Day/The Club Promo

Even when Jericho’s not a prominent figure on Raw, he still finds a way to steal the show with his promos. He was in the ring with the New Day and Enzo & Cass, yet he still outdid all of them in terms of insults. While Y2J was the highlight, I enjoyed the entire promo. I could tell they didn’t have something ready for each feud, but this was a smart way to use everybody in this segment.

New Day, Enzo & Cass, and Sami Zayn vs The Club, Shining Stars, & Chris Jericho

The promo between these many teams was so strong, I didn’t mind watching all of them compete in an overcrowded match. All the babyfaces managed to hit all their main spots, and this crowd was eating it up. It wasn’t the strongest match, but it was entertaining nonetheless.

Brian Kendrick vs Rich Swann vs Gran Metalik vs Cedric Alexander 

As someone that watched the entire CWC, this was an quite exciting. It’s great to see that the tournament is actually going somewhere. Once they announced the fatal four way, I taken back as I couldn’t predict the winner for the match.

In terms of work rate, these four brought out a lot of what they did in the tournament. There was a great mix of different styles, and each of them brought something unique to the table. There were a few high flying spots, however Kendrick was the only one that didn’t need anything like that to get over. In my opinion, he was the stand out since he was able to use his classic heel tactics. At the same time, while the others were utilizing high flying moves, they still managed to stand out. Metalik used his lucha libre style, but that was still different from Alexander’s style which was a cross between strength and acrobatics. In fact, I thought Cedric had the highlight of the match, which was his backflip enziguri.

To my surprise, Kendrick actually came out as the winner. Half way through the match, I assumed it would have either been Alexander or Metalik. However, I can understand their decision to go with Brian, because he’s still more of a familiar face to the WWE fan base.

Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens

There’s no hiding that these two have amazing chemistry, but now I’d rather see that used in matches that carry some sort of meaning. This bout alone had a ton of action, but the end result didn’t mean anything. As a main event, especially before a PPV, there should be something to this.

The odd part about this contest was how they took such a long commercial break right at 10:55. That alone took me out of the action, because I knew the over run was going to be long. I can’t say I was a fan of the finish, because it didn’t make any sense. KO is the champ, and he’s in the main event at the PPV, yet he lost. This was another match that could have benefited from outside interference. I understand how heels need to cheat to win, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of the champ’s momentum. I actually liked the post match brawl, and it still could have been as entertaining with a different result.


In no way did this feel like a go home show. If this were the show last week, it would have been a different case. There weren’t many cliff hangers, and that’s essential to go home shows, as it’s what pulls in the fans. The low points were the opening segment and main event, while the high point was the Jericho/tag division promo. Overall, I give this show a 5.5/10.



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