On to the NXT One – No Way Glorious Edition (Sep.15)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

After producing a great episode last week, this show simply didn’t live up to it. However, that doesn’t mean it was terrible. There just wasn’t as much context to this episode, but it still remained somewhat entertaining.

Opening Promo

This promo was a great change of pace for Samoa Joe. Usually, we’re used to hearing him rant in an angry voice, but it was great to see him humbled. That attitude alone made his interaction with Nakamura a lot fresher. I liked everything about this segment up until the ambush from Joe. It could’ve been left the way it was, as it made this feud based on respect, rather than a grudge. I’m not saying they shouldn’t brawl, but they also shouldn’t let that become stale.

Liv Morgan vs Rachel Fazio

This was an extremely boring match, and it also suffered from following a big segment. At the same time, these types of matches are clearly being used to push the newer competitors. I’m surprised they allowed for Liv to speak as long as she did, because I believe a short promo wouldn’t have exposed her weakness on the mic.

Drew Gulak vs Hideo Itami

I’m aware how strong Gulak is as a wrestler, but I wasn’t overly excited to see him on this show. He did however put on a good mid show match with Hideo Itami. Gulak’s technical style allowed for Itami to look great. The slow pacing from Gulak is the complete of what Hideo normally presents, so it made for a great contrast, and it showed how both men had to adapt. Overall, I highly enjoyed how this match played out.

Authors of Pain vs Local Competitors                            

In terms of an enhancement match, this accomplished everything it needed to. The Authors looked great, and it leaves us wondering what’s next for them.

No Way Jose vs Bobby Roode

The entrances for this match alone stole the show. I completely forgot how over these two were in terms of their music, so that made everything a lot more enjoyable. In terms of the match quality, it was tough to buy in, because the overall outcome was quite predictable. It was great to see Jose put up a fight though, as it added to his credibility. While he did just lose two consecutive matches, those losses came from two of NXT top card guys. Overall, I thought this was a solid way to end this show.


Apart from the opening segment, there wasn’t too much substance to this show, although, it was still pretty entertaining. The low point was Morgan vs Fazio, while the high point was the back to back entrances from Roode and Jose. Overall, I give this episode a 5.9/10.


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