CWC Week 10 (Sep.15)


At the end of the day, this tournament was a sign that the WWE understands what pro wrestling is all about. The semifinals and the final was a showcase of amazing wrestling. Hopefully we’ll see another tournament happen next year.

Zack Sabre Jr vs Gran Metalik

These two weren’t holding back whatsoever, as they went 0-100 from the very beginning, but hey, I wasn’t complaining. There wasn’t a dull moment to the action, and their different styles made this quite intriguing. Zack Sabre Jr usually receives a ton of flack for wrestling a “boring” style, however, his quickness in this match showcased that he can do much more than most people think. We already know that Metalik can wrestle at a quick pace, so I was fully on board with him selling for most of the contest.

With the action remaining solid throughout the match, these two found a perfect way to switch into another gear for the last few minutes. There wasn’t even a story involved before the match, yet the two found a way to create one. I thought the finishing sequence was a thing of beauty, and they found the right way to end it. The Metalik Driver was done so quickly and with ease; I believe it was the highlight of this match.

Kota Ibushi vs TJ Perkins

Going into this show, I wasn’t expecting this to be the match that started off slow. It wasn’t a dull pace, but I was just surprised how they took their time to build up momentum. I actually loved how they based this contest on Perkins going kick for kick with Ibushi, and having him actually succeed. That allowed for Perkins to come across as an equal, because before the action had started he was definitely an underdog.

Once Ibushi had stopped selling, the back and forth between him and Perkins was nothing less than perfect. They were able to realistically exchange moves, and that’s what made their pacing so intense. After Perkins had kicked out of the last ride powerbomb, my jaw dropped to the floor. Up until now, nobody has kicked out of that finisher, so it was possibly one of the most shocking moments in this tournament. On top of that, we were given the swerve of the tournament with TJP picking up the win. Like most, I had predicted Ibushi to make the finals, but this was a swerve I very much enjoyed.

Noam Darr & Cedric Alexander vs Tomasso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano

After the two amazing semifinal matches, it was tough to invest myself in this one. At the same time, it was a much needed buffer. While I thought it would be difficult to invest in, these four men did a brilliant job at bringing me in. The team work between Ciampa & Gargano was amazing; I thought it was smoother than ever. Johnny wrestling was easily the stand out, because his kicks were quite vicious. Don’t get me wrong, the other three competitors were also impressive. Neither Cedric nor Noam went under the radar.

Initially, I thought this would be an extremely predictable match, but I applaud these men for making for making me think otherwise. It wouldn’t make sense if Ciampa & Gargano lost, but the pacing in this match made me believe that the two NXT stars would lose.

TJ Perkins vs Gran Metalik

Obviously Hunter wasn’t going to have a major part in this match, but hearing his music hit was a great feeling. I’m glad he had something important to say, and I actually liked the new Cruiserweight title. It was simple, yet elegant.

Before this match had started, I didn’t know what to expect, because these two have had such different journeys within the tournament. I should have thought more, as these two had instant chemistry. Both men work a fast pace and high flying style, so they knew how to make it work. Along with that, they knew exactly when to slow it down. That type of pacing allowed for the many mark out moments these two delivered.

Unlike the other two tournament matches on this show, there was never a moment where one man dominated for a long period of time. That aspect made for a much more unpredictable bout. The highlight of this contest was easily Perkins’ knee bar, which he locked in for quite some time. In that moment I was almost convinced Metalik was about to tap out. All of that lead up to a great finish. I didn’t predict Perkins to win, but I’m not mad that he did. TJ looked like a superstar, all throughout the tournament, and it’s fair to say that he deserved it. His reaction after the win was genuine as it could get.


It’s sad to know that this was the last episode of the CWC, but I’m glad I was able to see it all, and provide reviews for it. Not every week was strong, although there was never an episode that was below mediocre. There was no low point to this show, and the entire show was a high point. Overall, I give this show a 10/10.

One thought on “CWC Week 10 (Sep.15)

  1. Reblogged this on Wrestling Dreams and commented:
    It was an amazing show. The cruisers could change the course of RAW for the better. My worry is that I fear most of the roster might be lost in limbo with this.

    But I believe is for the better.


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