Impact Insider – Spot Monkeys Edition (Sep.9)


For all my Impact readers, I apologize for not putting up an article last week. Similar to my situation for Raw, I had some personal matters to attend to.

I know I missed quite a bit with last week’s show, but I’m glad I didn’t miss this particular episode. There were some moments that made me question their logic, however it was quite enjoyable overall.

Opening Segment/Video Package

This show was all about Final Deletion 2, and I think TNA did a perfect job at advertising that during the opening of the show. Personally, that’s what I was looking forward to.

Mike Bennett’s promo was absolutely amazing. He did a great job at showcasing his anger towards Moose. His character had all the right to be upset with his former friend. I usually don’t enjoy Dixie Carter, but her presence in this promo was a great contrast to Bennett. Along with that, Moose making his way out was a great way to end the segment. He’s now cemented himself as a babyface, and I thought it was done seamlessly.

Gail Kim & Jade vs Allie & Sienna

Since we don’t see Allie compete that often, I was quite excited to see how this match played out. Sienna’s insistence on keeping her partner out of the ring just made this match more entertaining. I believe that’s what made the audience want to see Allie more than they actually did. That story alone made this match worth watching, because it was given context.

The finish to the match was well done, and keeps the fans wanting more from Allie, as she’s been wronged two weeks in a row. It would be a shame if this didn’t play out during the Knockouts title match at Bound for Glory.

Billy Corgan/Drew Galloway Promo

If I’m being honest, I thought the announcement of the new “Grand” championship felt underwhelming. Also, couldn’t they think of a better name, because the Grand champion sounds better than being the TNA champion. While I’m skeptical of the title’s stipulation, I’m glad it’s something different from what we’ve seen before.

I loved how they incorporated the Galloway/Rex feud into this promo, because it deserves attention. Like most fans believe, I’m sure these two will reach the finals of this tournament.

Braxton Sutter vs Drew Galloway

This title was clearly MMA inspired, but I was interested in seeing how it would actually work. At least the rounds are kept short and that way the matches aren’t longer than they should be. It’s also worth noting how they dimmed the lights throughout the rest of the Impact Zone. I thought it was a great effect, and it added to the style they were going for.

I enjoyed this format, although I can see it being far more entertaining when the outcome isn’t as predictable. I’m sure there wasn’t anyone out there that believed Sutter could pull off the win. At the end of the day, that’s the difficult part about putting together a MMA style bout.

EC3/Lashley Press Conference

This particular segment was a refreshing touch for the main event scene. It’s not usual that we see press conferences take place for big feuds in pro wrestling. The exchange of words between these two would be no different if it were in a ring, but this setting allowed for it to feel different. My only gripe with this segment was the brawl that ensued afterwards, because it completely took away from making this feel real.

Jesse Godderz vs Eli Drake

Again, this match stipulation is pretty cool, but it’s tough to buy in when the outcome is extremely predictable. Godderz could have put up the fight of his life and there was still no chance I’d believe he was going to beat Eli. The actual match went much longer than it should have, and that killed a lot of the interest. The work rate was strong, however, I couldn’t believe we were going to see a swerve.

Delete or Decay (Hardys vs Decay)

This was the moment all of us were waiting for, and I applaud TNA for keeping me on the edge of my seat. The original Final Deletion was special, however this one was much more darker. The inclusion of the Decay truly made this stipulation complete.

From the second the Hardys lit their Roman candles, I was hooked. It wasn’t until this moment that I realized how Broke Matt can actually make a magnificent babyface. He truly had me cheering for him, and hoping the Decay would drown in defeat. Of course the match wouldn’t be the same without him, but he found a way to make it feel different than the previous one.

The pool scene between Jeff and Crazy Steve was quite strange. Were we supposed to assume that Jeff was attempting to murder him? That wasn’t even the biggest shock of this match, as my jaw dropped when Brother Nero took a hit for Matt from the nail filled baseball bat. That moment alone felt emotional, and it reminded us how the two still love each other. I’m glad Matt wasn’t given too much time to react, but just enough to show the audience how he still cares. That was easily the highlight of the Final Deletion 2.

This edition of the Final Deletion was good, however it didn’t live up to the first one because there was no definitive ending. Yes, the Hardys did leave looking like the victors, but as I fan, I thought we’d see them stand tall instead of watching the Decay run away. Regardless, this was still a masterpiece on TNA’s part. Not only was the filming excellent, but the acting from every performer was on cue, especially Rosemary. Her role could have easily been minor, yet they found a great way to incorporate her into this battle.


I say this time and time again, but every episode of Impact feels important. There’s never been an show within the past few months that’s been completely useless. While there were a few matches on this show that I didn’t buy into, the story was still advanced. The low point was the EC3/Lashley brawl, while the high point was the Final Deletion 2. Overall, I give this show a 7/10.


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