On to the NXT One – “One” Edition (Sep.1)

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com
If you didn’t watch NXT this week, don’t bother.

Tye Dillinger vs Buddy Murphy

It’s fair to say that Dillinger has officially has become a babyface, and I must say he’s done a great job with the transition. He’s incredibly over with the NXT fan base, and considering he’s a long time veteran, I couldn’t be more happy.

The chemistry between Murphy and Dillinger was quite evident, and I thought they did a superb job at opening the show. While the match was predictable, the two worked a solid back and forth pace.

Tomasso Ciamp/Revival Brawl

Clearly this feud isn’t 100% over, and I thought this was a brilliant way to keep it going. While Ciampa took a beating from the NXT tag champs, he still came across as a badass for not backing down. Since the “psycho killer” is extremely over with the crowd, the Revival’s decision to continue the beat down was a great way to give them some heel heat.

Steve Cutler vs Kenneth Crawford

This was one match I couldn’t care less for. I don’t even know why it was on the show. They haven’t done anything to promote Cutler, and I wasn’t able to invest myself in this contest.

No Way Jose vs Angelo Dawkins

Every time I see Dawkins, I feel like I haven’t seen him in months. There wasn’t anything special about this match, but it was a good way to let Jose gain some momentum.

Liv Morgan vs Aliyah

Liv has been given a ton of attention lately, so I saw this match as a showcase for her. These are two talents that are still considered “developmental” because this wasn’t the best women’s match I’ve seen on NXT. For the most part it was sloppy and the work rate was poor, but at least Morgan going over made it worth something.

Shinsuke Nakamura Celebration

Nakamura’s first language is definitely not English, but only a man with his charisma can pull of a promo in broken English. It was great to hear him speak and let the fans know how grateful he is to be in NXT. Apart from that, I was hoping we’d see something more, but I guess it was a celebration speech after all.


The show started off decent, however, it went into a downward spiral pretty quickly. The matches either lacked work rate or a reason to care about the performers in the ring. The low point of the show was Cutler vs Crawford, while the high point was the Ciampa/Revival brawl. Overall, I give this episode a 3/10.

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