CWC Week 8 (Sep.1)


As we enter the third round to the CWC, these upcoming matches only become more intense. This show in particular only made me more excited for next week.

Gran Metalik vs Akira Tozawa

Nothing against the competitors, but out of every match in this round, this one seemed like the least exciting. I think it may have something to do with the lack of story between the two.

Both Tozawa and Metalik are well versed in several styles of wrestling, and they did a good job at showcasing that in this match. The neat part about their versatility is that every style was gradually used as the action went one. This bout was also paced extremely well, as there wasn’t a moment where the outcome felt predictable.

I believe the two had many highlight worthy spots, however, I thought the one that stood out the most was their chop exchange. The selling and facial reactions (from Tozawa) were perfect for that moment. That statement is definitely arguable though, because they had great chemistry all throughout the match. Metalik picking up the win felt right, because he comes across as someone the WWE has big plans for.

Brian Kendrick vs Kota Ibushi

Oddly enough, this was the match I was most excited for in this round. The two are complete opposites in every way. Ibushi is known for his pure athleticism, while Kendrick is best known for his craftiness. To my delight, they did a brilliant job at blending their styles. At no point was Kendrick trying to go kick for kick with Ibushi, but tried his best to use heel tactics to win. That type of storytelling is what made this entertaining.

While their particular styles were heavily outlined, it’s worth noting how strong the selling was from both men. Kendrick couldn’t keep up with the strength of Kota, so he continuously showed himself in pain. Also, Ibushi’s neck was targeted by Brian, and he wouldn’t stop holding it. As the match went on, those details made this into a great story.

Going into this contest it’s fair to say that Kota was the favourite. However, after the performance put on by Kendrick, I was convinced this match would end with him standing tall. One can say that the german suplex from the second rope was the highlight, but I’d disagree. The spot that stole my heart and the show was Kendrick trying to tie up Kota’s foot on the barricade.

After Kota picked up his victory, I’m glad he gave the ring to Brian. Hearing the fans cheer “thank you Brian” and then seeing Daniel Bryan walk down to hug his friend made me shed a tear.


These shows continue to get better as the weeks go on. In the recent episodes, I can’t say any of the competitors have disappointed. I’m a little sad thinking about how this tournament will end in two weeks. There wasn’t a low point to the show, but the high point was definitely the main event. Overall, I give this show a 9/10.


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