On to the NXT One – Glorious 10 Edition (Sep.29)

This week’s edition of NXT was quite note worthy. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d highly recommend watching it, because they told a great story with this episode. Tye Dillinger vs Angelo Dawkins At least Tye Dillinger has given us a reason to care about him, but the writers of NXT haven’t done the… Continue reading On to the NXT One – Glorious 10 Edition (Sep.29)


Raw Rollup – “Sasha Wanks” Edition (Sep.27)

If you chose to watch the Presidential Debate, Falcons vs Saints, pre season NHL, or anything else but Raw, you made a great choice. Once I finish this show, I was positive that I didn’t even need to write a review. Roman Reigns vs Rusev I’m all for Raw opening the show with a match,… Continue reading Raw Rollup – “Sasha Wanks” Edition (Sep.27)


Impact Insider – Stupid Edition (Sep.24)

I’m shocked that TNA gave away so much on last week’s episode, because this show had almost no substance to it. In fact, if they switched the two episodes, it might have made a bit more sense. However, based on the announcements made, it doesn’t appear they want their go home show next week to suffer.… Continue reading Impact Insider – Stupid Edition (Sep.24)