Saturday Morning Showdown

Saturday Morning Showdown – Brock vs Shane: A Risky Idea (Aug.27)


For the WWE, the past seven days have been a roller coaster ride. They delivered a polarizing PPV with Summerslam, they had their first Universal champion injured which put Raw’s main event scene on hold, AJ Styles was given the spotlight, and the Miz completely shredded Daniel Bryan on Talking Smack. One can criticize the WWE as much as they want, but nobody can say they don’t know the definition of “eventful.” Among all this action, arguably the biggest highlight of the past week was Brock Lesnar destroying Randy Orton in the main event of Summerslam. In a way, that finish was done perfectly, because it blew up the internet, and fans didn’t know if it was a work or shoot. Any time the fans begin to question the reality of a situation, the promotion has done their job. At the end of the day, it’s what being a pro wrestling fan is all about, heck it’s what made most of us fans to begin with.

While the fans were left pondering about the finish, Shane McMahon came out to the ring to confront the Beast himself. This of course didn’t end well for him, as he ate a massive F5 before the show went off the air. On Monday, Shane sent out this tweet:

Along with that tweet, he stated on Smackdown that his issues with Lesnar were “far from over.” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when he said that. This situation can only lead to two possible programs, Brock vs Shane or Brock vs an opponent of Shane’s choosing. The former would be an atrocious idea, but the latter has a lot of potential.

Once Wrestlemania 32 came around, the WWE had booked themselves into a corner with Shane’s match. The fans were excited to see him return, and loved the idea of him sticking around to run Monday Night Raw. Well, that entire program was a double edged sword, as I’m sure many of us didn’t want to see Shane (the returning babyface) beat the beloved Undertaker (playing an awkward heel). By the end, Shane became the Commissioner of Smackdown, and that entire match with Taker felt pointless (apart from that great spot from the top of the cell). Albeit, a potential one on one feud with Brock may not have the same consequences, but the tone could very well be the same, meaning where there will be moments where the two are almost equal.

If the two were to ever square up in the ring, the smartest way to book that match would be Lesnar destroying Shane. The beating McMahon takes would have to be worse than what Cena, Rollins, Reigns, Ambrose, and Orton received. For continuities sake, that would be the only logical way. Yes, they could work a street fight, but kayfabe wise that didn’t work so well for Ambrose. If someone like Dean uses weapons, and still gets wrecked, is anybody believing Shane could do the opposite? In this scenario, my main fear is McMahon coming across as a credible threat to Brock. So often we criticize Stephanie for putting herself over the talent, however if Shane lost to Brock and put up an amazing fight, wouldn’t he be doing the same? Essentially, he’d be inserted into the same class as the current top card wrestlers. Last time I checked, pro wrestling is about putting over wrestlers, not the authority figures.

Now if they decide to take the route of Shane handpicking a representative, we might be in for an interesting story. Across wrestling related websites, there’s been teases about Bill Goldberg making a return and wrestling Brock. Their feud from 2004 was underwhelming, and the match itself was a disappointment. However, this time around I believe circumstances are different, as Goldberg probably wants this, and Brock isn’t going anywhere after. If I’m being fully honest, I don’t actually care to see Goldberg, but he can draw based on nostalgia.

The WWE can also book a feud around someone else that can get a rub from Lesnar. I’m not sure how this will culminate, but Shane can choose someone along this lines of Wyatt, Nakamura, or Samoa Joe. A program involving any of those three would propel them to great heights and automatically create a new star among the casual fan base.

This is all just speculation though, and we have yet to find out how the WWE will structure this potential feud. As a fan, I just hope they can find a way to tell a great story that’ll be entertaining.

What are your thoughts on this potential feud? How do you think they should book it? I’d love to hear any feedback or opinions!


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